Neisha Smith 05/2018

Surprise! Kai doesnt even know that I am doing this review, but I had to..I am just so eternally grateful for that 15$ for 15min reading that we had yesterday..I felt so at ease speaking with Kai and I also gained so much clarity and insights about how to progress with my life. Spirit was speaking through Kai and a lot of this info I already had an inner-knowing of, it was just really comforting to hear someone else say it. Thank you Kai and KaiyoteMoon..I mean this with all of my heart..words really cant even express how glad I am that I had this session and I will continue to have more..If anyone is on the fence about having a reading with Kai, don’t be, she is truly gifted and amazing.

Lei Lei Green 03/2018

My first reading with Kai was amazing. I was seeking confirmation and received so much more. Her energy is as warm as her smile!

Asia Monet 03/2018

If I could leave more than 5 stars I would ! I’ve have a couple of readings done by her and each time she amazes and puts me at ease. Kai is such a warm beautiful spirited individual that I am so glad to have come in contact with. She has given me so much clarity and I will come back for her services again and again !

Teaira Mack 11/2017

I waited and watched for a while, she has a very sweet humble spirit, my reading was definitely geared toward my life completely, I’m trying to convince friends and family to try her out after my own reading!

Kala Ali 10/2017

This is the experience I have been seeking for this current season of healing. Highly recommended. I’m making room in my schedule for the next one and sending all my loved ones her way.

Neytiri Ra-El 09/2017


Kai’s readings are ALWAYS on point, so accurate and so clear!
She is sooooo DIVINE!
Spirit moves through her so effortlessly! 
KaiyoteMoon Readings have been a blessing to my life!
Thankful for the Divine and spirit guide for sending such a lovely vessel my way for clarity and understanding!

THE BEST READINGS! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
I enjoy the Daily Horoscopes as well! Just what I have to hear as I start my day.
I’m hooked on KaiyoteMoon!

Zen Innerg 09/2017

Kai has such a beautiful soul, you can literally feel her love with every word she says. I had a New Moon in Virgo reading and it was exactly what I needed. She was able to understand and explain what it is I am trying to accomplish and what needs to be done, I am able to reassure myself and continue to enjoy each moment because I know the universe will always be my universe. Kai has an amazing gift that she has kindly shared with the world