Daniyah Morgan

I started my spiritual. journey maybe a month ago now. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. I just knew that I didn’t feel connected spiritually. I believe in a higher power but what else. With me having sons that are getting older I really felt like I needed to define what my spirituality was and how it would be displayed. Am I just an Israelite? What else is there? I had started some research and studying on my own to see what spirituality looked like for others and if that felt like the right thing to do. I even did a pick a card reading that was crazy accurate. I still was on the fence though.
Then I had my reading with you and O.M.G. What was great was that it wasn’t like on tv where it felt like I fed you information. My question was very basic. Am I understanding the information I’ve already received correctly? When you started talking I was FLOORED. I talked about it to my friends. Like what just happened. Then the same day I received my crystals and it was like I had opened myself up. I’ve had a chunk of amethyst for a couple years now and it was just pretty. That was all. Then I opened up the ones I ordered and felt the world shift. It was crazy.  Ok… I’m open for sure.
Since then you’ve not only gave my spiritual advice but you’ve listened to my personal pain and helped me understand how that and my spiritual journey are linked. I hope I can continue getting the one on one coaching but even if I can’t I’m joining your patreon because YOU ARE THE TRUTH. I would send anyone interested, even if it’s just a reading, your way.
Thank you for sharing your light and your gift with THE WORLD. You’re such an inspiration.