Charliie Mayers

Okay! Now that I have the space #BlessIt I’d like to share with you all about my experience of an Ancestor focused Reading, I received from Kai Luna Moon , earlier this week! Most times (maybe each time) when I have a reading with Kai, I release energy through tears… however this experience felt pretty unique. I was aware that the energy coming up wasn’t just my energy from that moment and space— I could feel the hurt and pain of my family member. The things Kai was sharing with me brought up some childhood pain that I had ignored and suppressed, thinking, “no big deal.” It’s so interesting that I’ve been on this journey of healing, reconciling with the women from my maternal side, and it’s now I’m at a place where those who have crossed over seem to be coming forward to heal with me. To help me let go … to help me free myself. To reclaim my truth and release the narrative that keeps me in bondage of sorts.Man—- there is much I don’t really know. But what I do know is, I am not alone. I come from a very magickal, strong, royal, rich, powerful —- lineage. And we are reclaiming our power.Anyways, if you’re wanting to connect with Your ancestors and don’t know where to start— I recommend Kai of KaiyoteMoon. After our call I made a candle inspired by my Ancestor and was inspired to make it purple. I love it!