Shola Marie

Eye have watched Kai on IG and learned of her youtube/facebook page and had to follow them as well. Eye really do not know where to begin. Kai, from the depths of my soul, thank you and Eye appreciate you. Eye have just finished my official second reading from Kai and it, once again nurtured my spirit. You are a gentle spirit. Eye know for a fact, you are the REAL DEAL. When we speak, Kai confirms what my intuition tells me. Prime example, four months ago, Eye felt my grandmother wanted me to come back home to NC for the sake of my relationship with my oldest sister. Today being my grandmothers birthday, her spirit confirmed just that. The purity in Kai’s delivery is nothing like Eye have felt while observing others in the same field. Eye dub her as my spiritual adviser, but will be honored to also call her friend. This spiritual journey is no joke. Even with the reiki session from last nights LIVE, her vibes are so calming. She reminds me to stay grounded. Eye am so blessed for spirit leading me to her sites. So much gratitude to you Kai. Eye love you and again, abundantly grateful. Peace and Blessings Empress