Maya- Healing roots herbalism

The connection Kai has to the stars, planets, and Zodiac is beyond my own understanding. They expanded my mind past my own connection with Self, and helped my connection to Self expand deeper into my consciousness. Truly soul amazed by the teachings she provides to present day, future, and past. I’m soul excited to learn more from her gentle soul. The love she has for education and healing others is soul alive and profound. Thank you.

Stephanie Lauredent-Diasio- Intuition Coach

Kai’s beautiful soul and passion shines through in her Astrology work. I learned so much about myself and my pain points through learning about my birth chart with Kai. She gives such clear messages about what to consider and how to show up as my authentic self. I’m beyond grateful that I’ve had the blessing of working with her multiple times.

Liv Peace- culinary chef & Nutritionist (The Peaceful Olive)

Do you know where true stars are? Kai Luna helped me look for them and understand them. Kai’s workshop was a dive into the astrology world, giving knowledge and guidance about planetary actions. We were taken on a journey that allowed us to connect with what stars and planets are in alignment with us. We laughed, shared stories, and discussed in detail what it means to love and be guided by the planets. No Cosmopolitan Magazine horoscope here (not knocking that), just understanding about who we are. Thank you Kai Luna!

Nekai abriol- Ethereality movement dynamist

The amount of knowledge and interconnected wisdom this womxn possesses, is so powerful. Her Astrology Workshop helped me gain increased awareness of myself, through a path of light bulb moments. Not only did she gift macrocosmic truth, but applicable steps towards absorbable self-development.

Shadae Marie- Intuitive Business & ABundance Coach (House of Umi)

The amount of knowledge that Kai shares about astrology, ancestral connection, and awareness of the Unseen is incredibly eye opening. Working with Kai over the last couple of years has offered me understanding and clarity about myself and my relationships with others. If you have the opportunity to work with Kai, you are guaranteed to receive transformative results.

Kyanna Ebony

I had a Natal Chart consultation with Kai today and it was INCREDIBLE. Kai opened with some deep breaths/affirmations and it was such a comforting space to be in. We just discussed my 2nd, 6th, and 10th house but now I truly understand why I am being called to health coaching, as well as why I am attracted to a space of womxn!

After our first Astrology Call, I started doing so much research on my natal chart and I was struggling to make the connections. Yes, I resonated with almost everything I read regarding my traits, routines/habits, and what I need to function but I needed someone to connect the dots and read my story. Kai did just that. I am ready to schedule my next consultation to get deeper into this!

Much thanks and appreciation for you, Kai Luna Moon