Working with Kai Luna has been such a gift! As an empath and intuitive, I always appreciate when someone else can speak my language. Kai Luna not only speaks my language, but she speaks it with such grace, eloquence, and wisdom. She knows just what to say to elevate my thinking and open my perspective. Working with Kai as a spiritual mentor has helped me to release emotional trauma in family relationships, deepen into my connection with my clients, and boost my confidence as an intuitive healer. If you are looking to welcome your spiritual gifts, build an intimate relationship with your intuition, and receive clarity around your life purpose, Kai Luna is the perfect guide.

Shadae Bowen February 2019

I completely recommend any and all those searching for some kind of guidance through people here in the physical world to reach out to Kai. She’s such a good flowing and love filled energy and is so very helpful in a variety of ways. I’m glad I took a chance in my exchange with her and encourage everyone to do the same. Thank you Kai, you’re amazing!


Arianna Glover February 2019

So I had a reiki session with Kai….she’s in NOVA I’m in Vegas, guys I constantly had this situation in my head that, even with it being over, still made its way into my thoughts more than I’d like. During my session with Kai she completely aided me in changing my entire vision and memory of that time in my life. So throughout the week when it would creep in my thoughts, it was no longer even the same memory…Her gift is real and worth the time.

This week I had another session and I just flew the entire time. I wish you all pulse get in my brain and see what she has helped me see. So honored to have a healer like herself do energy work on me! 🙌🏽


Quinn Barbour January 2019

I had a New Year reading and the energy was unmatched. The reading was clear and concise as Kai uniquely broke down each portion in detail and spoke fluently in her craft. Her spirit is light and I’m grateful for the opportunity to allow her to use her gifts to produce messages of the heart. I look forward to working with her throughout the year and I recommend to everyone 💕


Martaiya Valentine January 2019

Shanita Marina reviewed KaiyoteMoon — 5 star

Eye have watched Kai on IG and learned of her youtube/facebook page and had to follow them as well. Eye really do not know where to begin. Kai, from the depths of my soul, thank you and Eye appreciate you. Eye have just finished my official second reading from Kai and it, once again nurtured my spirit. You are a gentle spirit. Eye know for a fact, you are the REAL DEAL. When we speak, Kai confirms what my intuition tells me. Prime example, four months ago, Eye felt my grandmother wanted me to come back home to NC for the sake of my relationship with my oldest sister. Today being my grandmothers birthday, her spirit confirmed just that. The purity in Kai’s delivery is nothing like Eye have felt while observing others in the same field. Eye dub her as my spiritual adviser, but will be honored to also call her friend. This spiritual journey is no joke. Even with the reiki session from last nights LIVE, her vibes are so calming. She reminds me to stay grounded. Eye am so blessed for spirit leading me to her sites. So much gratitude to you Kai. Eye love you and again, abundantly grateful. Peace and Blessings Empress

Bree Ahava reviewed KaiyoteMoon — 5 star

I have yet to invest in a personal session with Kai, but I give thanks for her presence as she is such an amazingly open channel for the Divine. Her messages and posts serve as constant, diligent reminders and confirmations in regards to where I am on my path and where I am heading- with the necessary work being done, of course. I always look forward to her live videos and posts because she shares so much wisdom, and it warms my heart to experience and witness her love and humility! Much love Kai, you are such a beautiful soul!!

Atari Gems reviewed KaiyoteMoon — 5 star

@KAIyoteMoon works diligently to create relevant services for the modern mystic with that being said she is always approachable and invested in developing a community of mystics from all levels. She is one of the few women of color mystics that have content that is affordable. I hope that her content continues to not only inspire but also encourage people to develop more holistic spiritual practices.

Neisha Smith reviewed KaiyoteMoon — 5 star

May 17 · 

Surprise! Kai doesnt even know that I am doing this review, but I had to..I am just so eternally grateful for that 15$ for 15min reading that we had yesterday..I felt so at ease speaking with Kai and I also gained so much clarity and insights about how to progress with my life. Spirit was speaking through Kai and a lot of this info I already had an inner-knowing of, it was just really comforting to hear someone else say it. Thank you Kai and Kaiyote Moon..I mean this with all of my heart..words really cant even express how glad I am that I had this session and I will continue to have more..If anyone is on the fence about having a reading with Kai, don’t be, she is truly gifted and amazing.

Lei Lei Green reviewed KaiyoteMoon — 5 star

March 12 · 

My first reading with Kai was amazing. I was seeking confirmation and received so much more. Her energy is as warm as her smile!