Aries Season 2021 Playlist



Aries Season is upon us, and its energy of “new-ness” has me excited. When I think on the Arian’s of my life, I think how bold, childlike, and also hood they are lol. So this playlist is a reflection of all the lovely Aries’, who know how to be a BOSS, keep it classy, and still Run UP! on you if they have to lol! 






Take a Leap of Faith|Guided Meditation

**Reiki Infused Video**

May this meditation activate trust in your internal and Spiritual Compasses. This offering flows in alignment with Pisces Season, but is timeless. Listen to it during any Zodiac Season, or when you feel called to. Every second of the audio is infused with Reiki healing energy, in alignment with your highest and greatest good. To receive it, simply shift into a state of allowance. Your experience with this meditation and reiki healing, will be unique to who you are. Should you feel called to, please share your experience in the comments below.