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Care Package (Inner Child Message for June 11, 2019)

Quick Inner Child Message for the week 6/11-6/23 Peace and great day loves. I do hope you’re flowing through this week with grace and ease. Presently I’m on the path of Intentional Inner Child Healing(give thanks to Saturn/South Node nesting in my 4th House). The spotlight is helping me to redirect my Spiritual path, and… Continue reading Care Package (Inner Child Message for June 11, 2019)

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Sending + Receiving Personal Signals|Weekly Guidance for March 11, 2019

"For one of the most marvelous lessons you learn on a path of personal transformation, is that when your heart is open to change, you're able to recognize the personal signals of encouragement your authentic self is constantly sending, no matter how unlikely the source." -Sarah Ann Breathnach Happy Week All. May the days ahead be filled… Continue reading Sending + Receiving Personal Signals|Weekly Guidance for March 11, 2019


Dreams Do Come True: 1/21-1/27

We began this week with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo. Astrologically, Leo rules over the power of the Inner Child. Breaking down Leo energy, you have a focus on expressing what brings you joy, pleasure, and a sense of fun without the fear of judgement or shame. Having a strong… Continue reading Dreams Do Come True: 1/21-1/27



On Monday, January 21, 2019, the First Full Moon of the Year makes its grand entrance, as a Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. This Full Moon is a culmination of the lessons learned under 2018’s Leo North Node/Aquarius South node energy, and 2018’s August 11th New Moon in Leo. Think back to the lessons you… Continue reading JANUARY 21, 2019: SUPERMOON LUNAR ECLIPSE IN LEO TAROTSCOPES


July 2018: Tarot and Moon Scopes

Half of the year has flown by us, and there are still many beautiful seeds to be sewn and reaped. Break out your smudge sticks, notebooks, and pens! Here are your mini tarotscopes + tips on what intentions to set with this month's New + Full Moon energies. For deeper readings, click the link below… Continue reading July 2018: Tarot and Moon Scopes


Chariot of Earth

This years Cancer season falls in alignment with the start of a plethora of planetary retrogrades(Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto), AND in the midst of Eclipse season. Spirit has kindly corrected me several times when using the term "Retrograde Season". Instead, we've both agreed that what we will all experience is a season… Continue reading Chariot of Earth


Past Life Karma Reading 12/2/17

        #SaturnDay #Karma Spread w/ KaiyoteMoon .. Happy Saturn day Divine. Here is your #Saturday #Karma Spread for 12.2.2017: 1)Karma that still needs to be worked out: Wisdom- there is untapped Wisdom that lies dormant within your subconscious mind. This knowledge comes from the past lifetime(s) you have already experienced. Now is… Continue reading Past Life Karma Reading 12/2/17