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Spiritual Accountability + Expectation

Peace. Great week to you. I want to share a revelation that came to me this day, as I was walking and talking with Self. On my way to my place of Service, I pondered on getting myself a treat to flow along with my good mood. I was feeling great after getting a new… Continue reading Spiritual Accountability + Expectation


Past Life Karma Reading 12/2/17

        #SaturnDay #Karma Spread w/ KaiyoteMoon .. Happy Saturn day Divine. Here is your #Saturday #Karma Spread for 12.2.2017: 1)Karma that still needs to be worked out: Wisdom- there is untapped Wisdom that lies dormant within your subconscious mind. This knowledge comes from the past lifetime(s) you have already experienced. Now is… Continue reading Past Life Karma Reading 12/2/17