sacred space energy tuning

The energy in your environment influences your day-to-day experiences on subtle levels. Regular tuning of your Sacred Space, can help break up negative energy that has become trapped in your environment and relationships. Cleansing can also help to sustain energies of peace, love, and prosperity.

When do I know it’s time to Cleanse my space:

-when you’re feeling blocked or unmotivated

-after being sick or flowing through a period of deep release

-when you’re preparing for a transition in your life(new path, relationship, child, etc.)

-having frequent disagreements with lovers/family/coworkers

-regular nightmares or trouble sleeping

-trouble feeling calm and/or safe in your environment

-when you’re ready to welcome in new energy


-Can bring more peace and positivity into your environment

-Can bring peace of mind

-Can bring an increase in prosperity

-Can induce better sleep

-Can bring harmony to relationships

-Can aid in better health


During the consultation, we’ll expand on why you feel called to clear the energy in your Sacred Space. We’ll talk on what steps we can take moving forward, and how my services can help you achieve your desired energy in your environment and/or relationship(s).


This is an in-person session that takes place AFTER a consultation. The method of cleansing will be determined based on the energy being RELEASED, and the energy being WELCOMED in.