Sacred Space Energy Clearing


The energy in your environment influences your day-to-day experiences on subtle levels. Regular cleansing of your Sacred Space, can help break up negative energy that has become trapped in your home/office/work environment, and invite in FRESH POSITIVE VIBES.

When do I know it’s time to Cleanse my space?

  • Moving into a new home/office
  • Rebranding your business or remodeling/decorating
  • Leaving a relationship or beginning a new one
  • wanting a FRESH start
  • having frequent disagreements with lovers/family/coworkers
  • regular nightmares or trouble sleeping
  • trouble feeling calm and/or safe in your environment
  • feeling an unwanted presence in your home
  • streak of “bad luck”, clumsiness, losing money

Sacred Space clearings are done through smudging using herbs, sound, prayer, and meditation. Each environment and client is different, so the herbs and tools used are all tailored to the intention and desire of the client. Sacred Space Energy Clearings are suitable for Apartments, 1-2 bedroom Homes, and small Office Spaces. For larger environments, please email us before scheduling your consultation.