Momentum: A Shadow Work Guide + Journal

Two years ago, a dear friend of mine asked me to illustrate her second book. Her book, was created to help guide the collective through Shadow Work and Spiritual Development. A divine spark of inspiration hit, and I decided to create Sigils for each chapter of her book. Sigils are signs and symbols, that are intended to have magical uses. When activated, they bring about the desired outcome of your intention.

“Momentum: A Shadow Work Guide + Journal” by Quinn Barbour, was released September 2, 2019. It has since sold over 200+ copies. I am honored to be a part of this work, and for this to be my first mark as an illustrator.



A Note on “Momentum” from Author Quinn Barbour:

Shadow Work is a tool that is vital to the growth and spiritual development of all beings. It touches on pieces of the past that may have attached themselves to us, following behind us into our adulthood, just like a shadow; and in turn, handing us situations and people that we aren’t too sure how to handle,. So we react based off of what we learned and soaked in as little humans. We base everything off of the experience we had as children, not knowing that the situations were traumatic enough to shape who we are, or who we think you are today. In the present day, we all want to reach a space in spirituality that is uplifting to ourselves and the people around us. A more global sense of love and compassion lead me to take this journey towards deeper healing so that i could share it with you. This journal, guide, tool, whatever you chose to call it, will be the MOMENTUM you need to get you to where you strive to be. Filled with quotes, exercises, affirmations, challenges, resources and more, you are guaranteed to get an ENORMOUS head start on your healing journey. Much love and peace during your ride!

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