Here are some answers to frequently asked questions I receive about my sessions

    1. I begin my sessions with a small prayer + breath work. You may decline prayer if you so choose. Your free will is always respected.
    2. The time starts as soon as the call begins.
    3. Virtual sessions take place via Zoom or Google Meet, and are not recorded, unless requested. *An additional fee is required for recorded readings*
    4. Rescheduling or Cancelling your session, MUST take place within 24 hours of your scheduled call.
    5. Should you find you have a question that is not clarified above, send your inquiries to KaiyoteMoonTarot338@gmail.com

lotusDisclaimer: While Kai is a Certified Energy Practitioner and Herbalist, neither Kai or KaiyoteMoon, LLC are licensed Medical Practitioners. Energy Work is not meant to take the place of any past/present/future medical advice or prescriptions. It is used solely for the purpose of initiating a deeper understanding of your personal power. In no way is Kai or KaiyoteMoon, LLC. responsible for any decisions made by the Client to alter prior/present/future Health advice from a Licensed Doctor/Physician/Practitioner. For serious Medical or Psychological conditions, please consult a licensed Medical Physician. 

If you all have any further questions you can think of, feel free to email me KaiyoteMoonTarot338@gmail.com