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As a member of the Cosmic Kaiyote Patreon Collective, you are gifting yourself with creative tools that will help you shift into New Paradigms. We are here to guide you to a reality better in alignment with your Highest Good + Purpose. Our offerings are Intuitively designed to help you flow deeper into the stories playing out in your present timeline. The more aware you become of the messages Spirit and Self are asking you to tune into, the deeper your trust with Self + Spirit will grow.

It is our intention to:

  • connect you to your own intuitive abilities,
  • provide you with ‘practical’ Spiritual Tools for your Wellness Practice
  • be a guide along your Spiritual Journey
  • show the benefits of Energetic Healing
  • assist you in TRANSFORMING energy and flowing INTENTIONALLY in your Power.

Spirit Communication

Awaken your Psychic gifts, with practices designed to strengthen your Intuitive Muscles + connect to your Ancestors, Angels, Higher Self, and Spirit Guides.

Wellness Practices

Guide your Spirit into a state of Peace and calm, with soothing meditations, Reiki, sound healing, and more.

Astrology Insight

Learn to plan your day-to-day experiences in alignment with the movement of the planets, Sun, and Moon.