Spiritual Coaching


I, Kai Luna, am here to help you program your reality, and show you how to Center and Protect your Peace. Everything in your realm, is created using intention. Whether done so energetically, verbally, or physically (i.e., wearing a particular color), your intentions tell your Subconscious mind what interactions and experiences to create, in order for you to achieve the level of Peace you desire. I am here to help you begin to PURPOSEFULLY, and POWERFULLY create your realm, and center Peace, using simple tools that you already have available in your environment.

Through our interactions, you’ll learn:
1. To navigate programming your reality
2. How YOUR PERSONAL magic works best(i.e. what clair- gifts are alive and activated in your Spirit)
3. How to connect with your Guides/Ancestors
4. How to connect with Earth Magic
and much more…

This offering is designed specifically for those seeking to tap into a consistent flow of Peace, elevate their Manifestation abilities, and connect to their Authentic Self.

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