Wellness Community Leaders

Quinn Barbour of BluSun
Wellness Coach|Author|Podcast Host

Quinn is the owner and founder of BluSun, A creative artistry platform established in 2017 that has a focus in mental health, childhood trauma and self awareness. Alongside being a school Social worker, she is also the host of the “Sunny Daze” Podcast, Author of “Birth of a Sunflower: A Collection of poetry and prose” and “Momentum: A shadow work journal and guide”, as well as a wellness coach for survivors of childhood trauma. With an educational background in psychology from Virginia Union University and a Masters in Social from Norfolk State University, it is clear she has always had a drive and love for the people and their mind and soul. Quinn’s work as a writer and journalist can be found in ColorBloc Magazine in the form of poetry/spoken word, articles and interviews with individuals such as Diggy Simmons, BRS Kash, Juan Veloz and more. She continues to seek out ways to assist the community and has programs and projects in development to do so.

Toni VanBuren of Simply Health by Toni
Licensed Health Insurance Advisor

Toni VanBuren of Simply Health by Toni, is a Licensed Health Insurance Advisor. Helping people has always been something that fuels her, and gave her purpose. She remembers being a consumer of health insurance, and not really understanding why she needed it, let alone how it benefited her. After exploring and becoming a Licensed Health Insurance Agent, Toni learned pretty quickly how beneficial it really was and how to make it work for her community. She helps everyone. From individuals, to families, and small businesses, Toni is always one call away for her clients.

Stepahine Lauredent-Diasio of SLD Wellness
Mindfulness Coach|Yoga Teacher|Doula

Stephanie Lauredent-Diasio is a Mindfulness Coach, Yoga Teacher and Doula for ambitious, spiritual women of color. She provides 1:1 Wellness Coaching, Tarot, Meditation, Private/Group Yoga and also serves as a Doula to birthing individuals. Through Mindfulness, Sound Bowl meditations, Breath Work, and tools for reducing anxiety, she empowers individuals to use the tools they already have inside of themselves to lead their healthiest lives. Stephanie creates clear strategies to identify things that are standing in your way, and empowers you to tackle them with daily wellness routines and mindset shifts.

Shadae and Samara of House of Umi Wellness
Queer Creatives|Medicine Women

Shadae and Samara are queer creatives, mothers, plant lovers, medicine women, and the founders of House of Umi Wellness, where they help women and folx of color create full body abundance in their lives. They facilitate healing retreats and mentorship programs where they offer plant medicine and Earth-based healing modalities, to guide their clients through releasing generational traumas and becoming the best versions of themselves. Lead by the ancestors, Shadae and Samara are humble space holders for growth, enlightenment, and unconditional love.

Olive Pettus of The Peaceful Olive
Pastry Chef|Culinary Teacher|Farmer

Happy Day!

Olivia aka Olive is the owner and creator of The Peaceful Olive. She is a Pastry Chef, Culinary Teacher, and Farmer. Olive cultivated The Peaceful Olive to “nurture and feed the little girl that didn’t have the opportunity to have those relationships with her ancestors”. With her love for food, she focuses on creating memories, and a lifestyle that is from a wholesome source; Mama Earth. Olive gets excited about new recipes, restaurants, farmer’s markets, and feeding new and old friends alike.

Kumoyo (Kumo) of Kumo’s Unfiltered Convos
Podcast Host|Producer|Editor

Kumoyo (prefers Kumo) is a Zambian immigrant, who is multifaceted and currently focusing on her power and what her role is on this planet. She is a podcast host, producer, and editor for Kumo’s Unfiltered Convos. Her podcast was started in a pandemic y’all! Kumo’s Unfiltered Convos podcast, is designed to be a space where you feel a sense of belonging through unfiltered, thought provoking, empowering, and raw conversations that are, oftentimes, left unsaid. Her podcast has been the driving force to activate her creativity, and it has  saved her life, and given her a sense of purpose. You can stream Kumo’s Unfiltered Convos on all listening platforms, and checkout out her features on the Black Woman led podcasts Cool Ass Black Woman and Confidently Killing It.

Diera Gooden of Wildly Written
Mental Health Advocate|Life Coach

Diera Gooden is the proud owner of Wildly Written. She is an advocate for mental health, self love and personal development. Diera is also a Certified Life Coach, whose goal is to empower Women and coach them into their winning season. Inspired by her own self-healing journey, she has become avid in her work to live with intention and inspire others to do the same.

Seher Seven of Alight With Plants
Unschooling Mom|Author|Herbalist|Astrologer|Community Educator

Seher Seven is an unschooling Mom of three young children, as well as an Author, Astrologer, Herbalist and Community Educator. She uses plants to care for, heal, guide and nourish herself, her family and her community. She believes it is the birthright of the people to know the land they live on and the sky they live under. “When we live in alignment with the self-sustaining and regenerative ways of Mother Earth and Father sky, we co-create a future we all want to live in”. Seher is dedicated to sharing this message with all within her reach. As a reflection of her passions, she provides Natal Chart Readings and personalized Natal Chart Herbal Tea Blends. See Seher’s work in her most recent Amazon Best Selling book “Astrology in the Garden”.

Daniyah “Niyah Shalom” of Niyah’s Garden of Divine Expansion
Reiki Healer|Oracle|Spiritual Coach|Creator

Daniyah is the creator and founder of Niyah’s Garden of Divine Expansion. Her mission, is to help others cultivate a deeper relationship with the Divine within themselves. Daniyah’s services include Reiki healing, Tarot/Oracle card readings, customized bath teas, oils, and bags. She also extends Spiritual Coaching sessions. Each of her customized herbal creations, includes a personalized mantra for your desired intention. Daniyah’s readings are unique, in that they include Divination in the form of prose.