Classes + Workshops

October 2020 Classes & Workshops

Birthing A New Age| New Moon in Libra ($21)

We are not alone in this Life. As reflections of Mother Earth, the Cosmos, and our Ancestors, we are always in a flow of co-creation. This flow of co-creation is the Blueprint of how natural it can be for us to be in easy, harmonious, and authentic relation to one another. We all have our part to play in this life. To honor our part in the Grand Design, it is beneficial to know when you half of the scale is out of balance. In this Libra New Moon Workshop, we will be exploring the “traditional” beliefs of relationships, and how the New Moon alignment is encouraging us as a collective to birth NEW relationship dynamics into our personal and collective experiences. Join me as we dream a New World into being, with intuitive readings, meditation, and open hearts.

Star Mother| Full Moon in Taurus ($21)

“Your capacity to love and hold others is limited to your capacity to love & hold yourself”. -Rebecca Campbell

In continuing to bring balance into our personal and collective relationships, we dive deeper under the Full Moon in Taurus, and ask “How can I better Mother myself?” The Moon in Taurus invites you to release aversion to softening your heart. You deserve to be loved. You are beautiful. You can be wealthy. You are Mother Earth’s great work of art. Join me as we illuminate ways to nurture our physical bodies, our finances, and the Earth, to bring to life the Mother we’ve always wanted’ the Mother that resides within.