Centering Peace


Peace is the underlying motivation for every desire you set your heart to manifest. Knowing your authentic Peace Practice, can be beneficial in showing you your true hearts desires, and in cultivating a constant state of ease in your Spirit. Your practice can be as simple as wearing a certain color each day, vibing with a particular essential oil, meditation, yoga, or just making time for a cup of tea. No matter the reflection, knowing what softens and soothes your Spirit, can show you how to CENTER your Peace, and how to protect it. This deeper understanding of Self, is most important when seeking to manifest a particular desire, as it assists you in remaining calm, grounded, and confident that your desires WILL manifest.

Peace Practice Oracle Readings + Reiki Sessions open your awareness of YOUR needs on a Soul Level. These offerings are created with the intention of helping you make your Peace a priority, while also elevating your Confidence, and Self-Love. Expanded benefits of creating a Peace Practice are:

  • more happiness in your day-to-day flow
  • deeper connection to your High Self
  • opening of your Heart Chakra
  • aligning with relationships/environments/habits that best serve you.

Oracle Reading [$22]

Oracle Reading + Reiki [$44]

Are you seeking a Guide who can assist you with building your Peace Practice through a One-on-One connection? Schedule a Consultation, and learn more about how we can expand your Self-Care, Relationships, Career, and Spiritual Practice with intentional monthly connections.