Kaiyote Oracle

Tarot + Oracle Readings

My question was very basic. Am I understanding the information I’ve already received correctly? When you started talking I was FLOORED. I talked about it to my friends. Like what just happened. 

Dee M. -May 2020

As an Oracle and Medium, it is my purpose to be a clear channel for the Collective. In each of my Tarot + Oracle Sessions, you(the client) are given the opportunity to receive messages directly from Your Higher Self, Ancestors, and Guides. I open myself to give a voice to the intuitive messages you receive, but may still need clarity on. It is my intention, for you to leave the session more confident in your own intuition.

I offer three different readings, all created from practices I do for myself.


Sacred Connections

The Sacred Connections Oracle Reading connects you to the Honorable Ancestors guiding you. This reading will help you to establish a more clear understanding of who guides you, how you are connected, and allow you to receive clarity on a question of your choosing. If you are seeking to begin your Ancestor Veneration(homage) practice, or simply strengthen the connection you have with your Ancestors, this reading opens the door to do so.


Celestial Messages

Celestial Messages gives you insight to the energy showing up in your week + month. This is a great reading to use to help you plan your rituals, self-care routines, meditations, and Spiritual practices for the week. We’ll break down messages, symbolism, astrology, and other important energies revealed in the cards, so that you go into your days confident and feeling in control of your realm.


General Card Reading

In the General Card Reading, you have space to gain clarity on (1-2) Questions. We’ll break down the meanings of the card(s) revealed, and discuss practices that can assist you in implementing the guidance given.
This reading is best for (but not limited to) personal insight on:
-Career + Finances
-Romantic Partnerships
-Personal Health(Emotional/Mental/Spiritual)
-Spiritual Guidance

I look forward to being of service to you.