Whole Self Integration|Candle Meditation

Image created by Kai L. H.

This candle ceremony came to me as I was about to purchase MORE candles for my altar. Spirit kindly reminded me that I have more than enough (my mantra for the week). I utilized two (7) day candles I already had ( 1-White/1-Black), to do what I am calling a:

Whole Self Integration Candle Meditation


“In the sobriety of becoming aware of yourself and your shadow, you are now empowered to manage it”. -Deepak Chopra “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes”

This week (9-15 September), the planets align to help you release the idea that you are a slave to your shadow. You are, in fact, made stronger by integrating the lessons your Shadow Self brings your awareness to. The intention of this ritual, is to bring two halves together, creating a strong, WHOLE sense of being.



-(1) white and (1) black candle (7-day candles work best for this ritual)

-clear quartz and black tourmaline (optional)

-White Sea salt and Black Sea salt (optional)



-tools for smudging

*best done after a bath or shower*


-Cleanse yourself, your space, and your tools using a method of your choosing(smudging, Florida Water, open windows, Sound healing, etc).

-Arrange Candles (6) inches apart. *(6) is the number of harmony and balance*

-On your piece of paper, write the affirmation “I am empowered by both light and shadow”. Place it between the candles.

-If you’re using crystals/salt: place the clear quartz(next to) and white salt(inside) the white candle. The Black Tourmaline(next to) and Black Salt(inside) with the Black Candle.

-Charge your candles, by visualizing the traits you love about yourself and Life in the White Candle. For the Black candle, visualize the traits you feel shame/fear toward, and the energy in life you find difficult to accept.

-Call on your Guides, Ancestors, Higher Self, and the version of yourself that has successfully integrated this healing, to come forward and assist you with ensuring the success of the Candle Meditation.

-When you’re ready, light your candles while reciting the mantra between them and envisioning a clear path for both energies to flow freely.

-Each day the candles are lit, move them 1-inch closer to each other, while reciting the mantra between them.

Integration of light and shadow, Yin + Yang, and Spirit + Human are represented by the candles coming together by the end of the Ceremony.

-Once they’re done burning completely, dispose of the glass, OR clean them and place flowers as an offering to yourself and your Guides.

**If the candles go out before they come together fully, it’s no worries. See this as a reminder that you were closer to your Integration than you thought. You can also do the ceremony again, starting where the candles went out.**

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