-A New Wave-

Peace Divine Souls. Kai Luna here. I’ve been on hiatus, flowing through shifts, integrations, and exploration of this new Self that’s emerging. The time away, continues to deliver some wonderful insights into the World of Kai <3. A persistent thought, has been to consolidate my offerings, and give you all more, by offering less. If… Continue reading -A New Wave-


Elemental Frequency Healing|November 2019

    Brainwave entrainment is a method to stimulate the brain into entering a specific state by using a pulsing sound, light, or electromagnetic field. The pulses elicit the brain's 'frequency following' response, encouraging the brainwaves to align to the frequency of a given beat. Elemental Frequency Healing for November 2019 This flow round, it’s… Continue reading Elemental Frequency Healing|November 2019

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This little piggy cried…

Peace and happy Sunday Divine! I hope you’re super charged and ready to champ the week ahead 🙂 As I was collecting Sun rays on this glorious day, my thoughts led me to the Root Chakra healing I am presently flowing through. When I think of the Root Chakra, I think of: -plant roots snug… Continue reading This little piggy cried…

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Spiritual Accountability + Expectation

Peace. Great week to you. I want to share a revelation that came to me this day, as I was walking and talking with Self. On my way to my place of Service, I pondered on getting myself a treat to flow along with my good mood. I was feeling great after getting a new… Continue reading Spiritual Accountability + Expectation

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Care Package (Inner Child Message for June 11, 2019)

Quick Inner Child Message for the week 6/11-6/23 Peace and great day loves. I do hope you’re flowing through this week with grace and ease. Presently I’m on the path of Intentional Inner Child Healing(give thanks to Saturn/South Node nesting in my 4th House). The spotlight is helping me to redirect my Spiritual path, and… Continue reading Care Package (Inner Child Message for June 11, 2019)

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Sending + Receiving Personal Signals|Weekly Guidance for March 11, 2019

"For one of the most marvelous lessons you learn on a path of personal transformation, is that when your heart is open to change, you're able to recognize the personal signals of encouragement your authentic self is constantly sending, no matter how unlikely the source." -Sarah Ann Breathnach Happy Week All. May the days ahead be filled… Continue reading Sending + Receiving Personal Signals|Weekly Guidance for March 11, 2019


Aquarius Season 2019: The Heart, She Holler

First, biggest energetic hug to anyone who gets the title of the post. Just a little humor to lighten the dry and fiery energy in the Cosmos. Aquarius season is here, and bringing us the pocket of Air we’ve so desperately needed. Known in Astrology as The Water Bearer, Aquarius’ exist to symbolically and eternally… Continue reading Aquarius Season 2019: The Heart, She Holler