About Kai Luna

Kai Luna

Spiritual Wellness Practitioner|Seer|Creator

Kai Luna is a Spiritual Wellness Practitioner, serving the Collective through Intuitive Messages + Spiritual Wellness Practices. Kai began her Wellness journey in Atlanta, GA in 2012, after receiving her first set of Gems + Crystals from a close friend. Since then, Kai has expanded her knowledge through Intentional Self-Reflection, and through studying the Psychology and Development of the Mind, Chakras, and Energetic Body. Currently, Kai holds two Master Teacher Reiki Certifications, and a Level One Herbalism Certification. From 2020-2021, Kai served as the Resident Astrology for House of Umi Wellness, sharing influential Health + Wealth transits for their Freedom Through Wellness program. Presently, Kai serves the Collective as a Seer, Oracle, and Creator, sharing intuitive practices to aid in aligning with the rhythms of the Earth.