Aries Season| First House Activation

As the Sun enter the Sign of Aries, it begins its illumination of your First House. No matter the sign on your first house cusp, Aries season activates the ‘YOU’ that determines how the rest of your chart flows. The First House is the house of Self-interest. It shows what you want in life and how you go about achieving it. Every house that follows the first, is reflected through the lease of the first house.

As a Virgo rising, each of my house carries a tone of routine, ritual, health, intuition, and efficiency. Since Aries season began, I’ve been stocking up on herbs, vitamins, getting plenty of rest, and leaning into my daily routines.

What‘s being activated within you under the Aries Sun? What’s your first house, and how do you see it reflected in your recent Sun in Aries activities?  A note to keep in mind, what you begin in Aries season, will evolve through Taurus and Pisces season. How can you intentionally follow these seeds, to better nurture them, and also become more acquainted with your personal 2-12th Houses?

Leave your insight below. 

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