Sun Conjunct Venus in Aries| Attraction Ritual Guidance

Peace all!! As I mentioned in our WhatsApp Group Chat, here are some guides to assist you with your Sun conjunct Venus in Aries Attraction Rituals. 

Before you begin, I want to clarify what a “ritual” involves. A “ritual” is whatever you choose it to be. It can be a full ceremony involving candles, resins, prayers, and meditation. It can be as simple as making choices in your day-to-day that align with what you’re wanting to attract. A ritual is what you make it. I do have a simple ritual to share with you, that you can use alongside the guides below. Each of the guides provided below, list material + physical reflections of the Planets and Zodiac signs. You can use them as a guide on 1)WHAT to attract OR 2) HOW to attract. 

Ex: Wearing perfume to heighten your attraction abilities(not specific to attracting a mate) OR you can place perfume on your altar to attract what you desire. 

The reflections listed below aren’t the only areas of focus for your rituals. Do what you feel called to. Also keep in mind the areas of life that the Sun, Venus, Mars + Aries govern naturally and NATALLY(the areas of life they govern you). 

Sun=5th House—-> Venus= 7th House—-> Mars/Aries= 1st House



Because Aries is the reflection of New Beginnings, the intention of this practice is to clear stagnant energy to make YOU and YOUR SPACE, more attractive for what you’re calling in. Incorporate any wording, desires, or tools from the above guides to enhance the practice. This practice also involves smoke, reflecting Mars + Aries’ energy. 


You will need: 

1) smoke wand, palo santo, or smudge of your choice 

2) a red, orange, or yellow Candle 

3) a fireproof container(cauldron, or pot) 

4) bowl with soil or sand

5) salt water or moon charged water in a spray bottle


Light the candle and spend a few minutes grounding yourself by meditating or deep breathing. Light the smoke wand, palo santo, or smudge of your choice with the candle, and slowly walk around your house(Starting at the front door and moving in a clockwise direction). Focus on your intention to cleanse the space, yourself, and to welcome in your desire. Keep the fireproof container with you to catch any coals or ashes. As you enter each room, open all the doors and windows. Gently wave the smoke, allowing the smoke to get into the corners of each room. Focus your intention on driving out any unattractive energy. Once you have finished each room, lightly spray the water to neutralize any remaining unappealing vibes. When you’re done, return to front door, and put out your smoke wand, palo santo, or whatever you chose for smudging, in the sand. 

This ritual is to be used as a foundation for your creativity. Use any prayers, mantras, visualizations, scents, colors, music you feel called to.


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