Ways to share the Virgo Full Moon with your Ancestors

Peace all. Dropping in to share some personal reflections, of ways to share this Full Moon with the Ancestors. This Full Moon comes in at the 8th degree, which is ruled by Scorpio. Scorpio (and its home planet Pluto) governs the Ancestors. Below are (4) ways in which you can extend the Moon’s healing energy with your loved ones. 

1. Refresh their Water. It’s a simple exchange of energy, but effective. Water is cleansing, nourishing, and healing. It also acts as a conduit for the messages sent to and received from the Spirit realm. You can program the water with intentions, prayer, song, or sound before placing it on the altar. Other reflections of water, such as tears or feelings, are also loving offerings that can be extended to the Ancestors. Think of what the Virgo Full Moon represents. This is a time to absolve yourself of feelings of imperfection, not being good enough, feeling confined, or meek. Talk about those feelings at your Altar(or sacred space). Invite your Ancestors to release those feelings as well. 

2. Share in a gratitude practice. We are all so lucky to be alive. None of what we have, would be here without the efforts of our Ancestors. Not only did they want more for themselves, they wanted more for the generations that came after them. No matter what you feel you’re lacking, there are members of your lineage who have had so much less. Spend time in front of your altar, giving thanks for what you have. Give thanks for who you are able to be. Give thanks for what you are able to experience, say, and do, because this amount of freedom did not exist for everyone who cam before you. 

3. Send love to the Ancestors who felt they had to hide who they were, who they loved, and what they liked. Send love to your Queer Ancestors, the radical thinkers, daydreamers, black sheep, and all of your kin that wanted to live further outside of the box. We are so fortunate to live in a world that’s as progressive as it is. Share in that with your Ancestors. Give them thanks for paving the way, and live even more out loud for them.

4. Take a Spiritual bath/shower, OR play water sounds. Set an intention for healing, and use whatever herbs or essential oils you feel called to. When playing water sounds, invite your Ancestors who desire to be cleansed, to do so. For this one, I feel you’ll know what to do. 

That’s all for now. I wish you all a nourishing Full Moon in Virgo. Peace.

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