Virgo Full Moon at 8º

Hello all. Popping in to share some degree interpretations for this Full Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces at the 8th degree.

For clarity, the Astrological wheel is a 360° circle. Each of the (12) houses is divided into 30°. Each of the zodiac signs is divided into three decans (essentially three planetary sub-rulers) that are each divided into 10°. The degrees determine what type of aspects are taking place between planets( conjunction 0° +/- 8°  apart, opposition 180° +/- 8° apart, trine 120° +/-8°, etc.) I’ll dive deeper into these later.

Each degree from 0-30 is ruled by one of the (12) zodiac signs. Starting with Aries, degrees 1-12 are ruled by Aries-Pisces. Then it repeats from degrees 13-24, and 25-30. From that, you can deduce that the Full Moon opposition at 8° is governed byyyy……….Scorpio!!!

The degree of a sign lends another piece of flare, to how the Planet’s energy can manifest. There are a plethora of reflections of Scorpionic energy in the world, and i’ll share some of them below.

I’ll leave you all with some possible reflections of how the Sun and Moon opposition in 8° of Pisces and Virgo can manifest, using some of the Scorpio Astro Correspondences. Peep the chart below.

So what do you think? Are there any reflections that you see manifesting in your week? Do you have some ideas to how the energy is coming together for you? Share your reflections below 🙂

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