Uranus through the Houses

This post goes deeper into Uranus’ influence in your chart. Uranus through the houses, shows you WHERE in life your Uranian qualities show up. You can use this information for both your Natal + Transiting energies. 

Uranus in the First House(House of Self)

  • sudden and unexpected beginnings 
  • independent way of looking at things 
  • unusual interests or hobbies

Uranus in the Second House(House of Possessions)

  • unusual source of income
  • money opportunities pop up suddenly/unexpectedly
  • antiques, curious, and collectibles are lucrative for you

Uranus in the Third House(House of Communication)

  • independent and inventive mind
  • follow your own road rather than someone else’s
  • travel comes up suddenly

Uranus in the Fourth House(House of Home/Early + Later Parts of Life)

  • non-domesticated + needs independence
  • unconventional childhood
  • life may have taken a sudden turn(takes sudden turns)

Uranus in the Fifth House(House of Creativity and Sex)

  • prone to sudden infatuations that end abruptly
  • likes novelty and experimentation in sex
  • inventive in creative expression

Uranus in the Sixth House(House of Service and of Health)

  • thinks of new methods or original ideas in your trade
  • erratic and impatient with input/output
  • health is subject to unusual or difficult to diagnose symptoms

Uranus in the Seventh House(House of Marriage and Partnership)

  • partnerships or marriage may come suddenly
  • drawn to unusual people
  • possibility of sudden divorce and remarriage

Uranus in the Eighth House(House of Death and Regeneration; also Legacies)

  • unusual outlook on life and death
  • interest in the mystical 
  • sudden financial benefits from unexpected sources 

Uranus in the Ninth House(House of Mental Exploration)

  • seeks to widen your intellectual horizons
  • unorthodox views/interests in unusual branches of study
  • opportunities from travel may come up suddenly 

Uranus in the Tenth House(House of Career)

  • looks for freedom from interference
  • achieves success in your work through your unique and unconventional ways of doing things 
  • sudden or unusual turns/changes in career

Uranus in the Eleventh House(House of Hopes and Wishes)

  • attachments and friendships often form suddenly
  • attracted to people with unusual interests 
  • unique personality

Uranus in the Twelfth House(House of Secrets, Sorrows, and Self-Undoing)

  • intuitive or psychic
  • attracted to unusual beliefs in religion or metaphysics
  • may spend time in foreign countries or strange places 


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