Sisterhood of the Rose|Jupiter Square Uranus

Peace all. I have for you a quick message about the present Jupiter in Aquarius square with Uranus in Taurus. 

Jupiter| faith, positivity, hope, optimism, expansion, aspirations of the higher self, good will, overindulgence, blind optimism

Uranus| freedom from the known, revolutionary vision, urge for change, ability to envision new possibilities, the internet, technology, originality

Aquarius| eccentric, rebellious, spontaneity, originality, forward thinking, detached, inventive, humanitarian

Taurus| material and physical pleasure seekers, hard-working, willful, stubborn, loyal, practical, purposeful, productive, stabilizing

–Jupiter square Uranus challenges you to take a little more time to both notice the beauty around you AND contribute to the beauty of the world in your own way. Taurus is ruled by Venus(planet of beauty, aesthetics, love, and relationships), and is also reflective of Mother Earth. Taurus is here to receive and experience the pleasures of Mother Earth. Aquarius is ruled by both Uranus + Saturn. Aquarian energy has a responsibility(Saturn) to share their wisdom with the collective(Uranus). Jupiter square Uranus illuminates higher desires(Jupiter) to share(Aquarius) what you find beautiful and pleasing(Taurus) with the collective(Uranus). On the flip-side, this transit can also illuminate a desire to withhold Earthly pleasures, and keep them to yourself. An example of this, would be to find a really good deal on shoes(Taureans are GREAT at finding deals on material pleasures), and not wanting to share the knowledge with someone else, to ensure you’re the only one who gets the shoes(Aquarius doesn’t want to look like everyone else). Share what you find beautiful, pleasing, and valuable, with others. Share it with strangers, with your community, and social groups. When you make space to create and share beauty, you bring more harmony to the planet, and aid in shifting the vibration. This is a time where the collective NEEDS to see the beauty this World extends. 

Some other examples of how this transit can be reflected: 

  • reigning in your online shopping and seeing the beauty in what you already have. 
  • bringing balance to your physical life and internet life
  • making time for socializing rather than focusing solely on work
  • sudden changes in material or social fortunes
  • sudden changes of direction in your material and social pursuits
  • moderating risk tasking and considering the potential outcomes of your choice
  • breakthroughs in science and technology associated with Earth + the collective
  • expanding your feminine social connections and/or aligning with powerful women intending to elevate the Earth. 

Jupiter is an inner(personal) planet + Uranus is an outer(collective) planet. What this transit brings, is a collective need being expressed through your personal experiences. 

Reflection questions: 

  • What new world am I willing into being?
  • What new creations am I devoting my time to?
  • What do I find beautiful that I WANT to share with others?
  • What do I find beautiful that I DON’T WANT to share with others?
  • How can what I find beautiful about this World, expand the collective perception of ‘beauty’?
  • What Earthly causes can I contribute to, to help make this World a better place for my descendants? 

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