Sharing this Full Moon with the Ancestors

A thought crossed my mind this rising, that we all have our ideas of what is ‘fun’. What’s fun to you, may be weird to someone else, but it’s still FUN. That’s the beauty in the Leo/Aquarius axis; there’s an outlet of expression for everyone. Share this Full Moon in Leo with your Ancestors, by doing what’s fun to YOU. Invite them in for the festivities. We live in a time that’s more socially accepting than they did. Some of the quirks and interests you possess, may very much be parts of themselves they felt they had to hide. Especially if was an interest that:

1. Wasn’t ‘black’

2. Brought too much attention

3. Went against religious beliefs

Make space to be all of you under this Full Moon, and allow those Ancestors who want to, to be themselves too. 

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