“Quality” of Life| Fixed, Cardinal, and Mutable Signs in Astrology

Peace all. Happy day to you. Today I’m sharing with you all, a different lens with which to look at your personal Astro houses. Looking at your houses with a new perspective, can be beneficial in understanding how that area of life is reflected in your personal experience. For example, if you know a house is ruled by a Water sign, then you can conclude that area of life is ruled by emotion, transparency, and intuition. 

Today we’ll be talking about the “Quality” of Life in your houses, by looking at the three Quadruplicities; Fixed, Cardinal, and Mutable. The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into (3) groups that contain (4) signs each. Each group, is called a ‘quadruplicity’ . This is Astro talk for explaining how the sign’s interact with the outside world(or their quality)

******PART 1: FIXED SIGNS******

1. Fixed Signs(Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

Fixed (adjective)

1.fastened securely in position. 

synonyms: secure, firm, rooted

The fixed signs, as you can conclude from the definition of ‘fixed’, are signs that are firm in their outlooks on life. What they believe, how they do things, what they hold onto, are a constant reflection of who they are. These signs are resistant to change. They are persistent, and strong in their abilities to perfect and finish what they set their minds on. Think of Leo, and its ability to HOLD one’s attention. Or Taurus, and its UNWAVERING PURSUIT of material comfort. How about Scorpio, and their infamous ability to BEAR THE WEIGHT of the invisible emotional currents, hidden underneath their calm exterior. Shining the light on Aquarius, and its ABSOLUTE REFUSAL to follow the crowd.

Now, apply this to the areas of life, where Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius reside. These are the characteristics you may exhibit in these areas. 


1. Taurus ruled Fourth House(Aquarius Rising): Emotional security only comes through material and emotional stability with a Taurus ruled Fourth House. Minimal change = maximum security. Taurus lends its fixed quality here, in that it provides material comfort that keeps on coming. 

2. Aquarius ruled Seventh House(Leo Rising): “You be you, and I’ll be me”, is the motto for an Aquarius ruled Seventh House. Here, freedom to be yourself is key. This is a value that will not change, no matter the relationship. Aquarius’ fixed quality in the seventh house, means that there is no coaxing other’s to be anyone other than themselves. It also means that when your freedom is threatened, you’re out the door. 

3. Scorpio ruled Third House(Virgo Rising): Scorpio’s unyielding desire to get to the bottom of things, shows itself in the pursuit of knowledge in the Third House. This is an area of life, where you have a strong urge to know the people around you at their depths. Here, Secrecy is an art-not a game. With a Scorpio ruled third house, your fixed ability to reside in the depths of the mental faculties, always brings forward what you want to know(even when you’re not trying). 

4. Leo ruled Fifth House(Aries Rising): Leo’s ability to hold your attention, shines forth in a Leo ruled Fifth House. Here, your self-expression seem’s to always be center stage. This is a MUST. In some way or another, the spotlight needs to be on you(or you need to shine it on others). Either way, the light is almost always on in this house. 

In what area’s of life do you have fixed signs? 

How do you see the energy expressed in what you have experienced in life? 

How are experiencing this energy now?

**Share your findings in the comments below**

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