Placing $$$ on Your Altar

Peace Community. In alignment with this month’s Financial Wellness focus, I’m sharing an Altar tip that I practice regularly. 

When I started my Ancestor Practice, I did what everyone else did. I bought Ancestor Money, Money Oil, wrote my petition on the Money, and burned it. I thought, “it works for other‘s so it will work for me”. I can’t say that I truly saw a real benefit to it, but I kept doing it anyway. This was in 2018. I bought my last pack of Ancestor Money earlier this year(2020), and have only used it once. One day I got curious, while I was creating a savings system for myself. I’d bought plastic containers to separate my funds, and thought “why not make one for my Ancestors”. That’s when things began to shift. Whenever I would have spare change and dollars, I’d put it in the ”Ancestor Jar”. It just made since. They worked with real money when they were here in this realm, why wouldn’t they connect with it now? 

Since then, I’ve graduated to putting money directly on their altar. I place a few bills(folded up), underneath the candle I have on their altar. Their altar table is small, so I put it under the candle as to not take up space. But I’ve come to realize that the candle acts as a light to bring more financial blessings in for us. 

Just a personal testimony:

Since I’ve started putting money on my Ancestral Altar, my gross sales have gone up, and I’ve been finding $20 bills on the ground, and getting random money coming in from other sources. 

Your experiences will look different. When you’re placing $$ on your Ancestor altar, it isn’t to get money back. It’s to help transform their relationship with money, while also transforming yours. Place a few dollars on your Altar, the next time you make an offering. Do so happily, and watch your relationship with your Ancestors really begin to change. 

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