Movement Meditation for the Full Moon in Leo

There are a plethora of ways to connect to Astrological and Lunar energies. One of my favorite ways to channel them, is through the body. This upcoming Full Moon in Leo ♌️ , will oppose the Sun in Aquarius ♒️ , and square Uranus in Taurus ♉️ . Translated through our body, our heart(Leo), circulation(Aquarius), and physical body(Taurus) are all seeking ways to flow in harmony.

In this video, I share some simple movements, than can help:

1. Stimulate circulation to the brain 🧠

2. Recalibrate your heart space 💕

3. Connect you to your Root Chakra and physical body strong 💪🏽

Grab your mat or towel, and let’s get moving.

🌟Manifestation Tips 🌟

Focus on what you’re desiring to release, as you move through each pose. Set an intention that reflects what your heart(Leo) wants to share(Aquarius) in the physical world(Taurus).

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