Healing Frequencies for the Pisces New Moon

This week’s Pisces New Moon energy is quite potent. I feel inspired to tap into the 741hz healing frequency, to tune into the healing being initiated by the Pisces energy. The 741 hz Solfeggio frequency, flow lay resembles the energy of Pisces, in that it acts as a purifier to help rid the body, mind, and Spirit of any physical or energetic toxins that prevent you from operating in your highest form. Both Virgo and Pisces represent purity, and I feel this New Moon will be a reflection of the Virgo/Pisces desire for “cleanliness”.

More on the 741hz frequency from The Natural Healing Society:

Problem-solving and improving emotional stability using 741 Hz: it allows the mind to expand, filling it with various solutions and new ways for self-expression. It unwinds a person’s worries and troubles, allowing one to think freely. It creates room for a healthier and stable emotional position and time for more profound intuition.

Tap into the 741hz frequency when you feel called to this week, and see what comes up for you. I will be connecting with it during my rising practice. Share your experiences in the comments below, on WhatsApp, or this Sunday’s Sister Circle ⭕️. 

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