Full Moon in Leo|1.28.2021

Full Moon in Leo opposite Sun in Aquarius: 

Sun in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius

It takes a bold soul to fully be themselves in a World that feeds into the ‘hive’ mentality’. To break away from what is ’normal’, means possibly walking your path alone. BUT, you’re never alone. You may feel(Moon) you’re the only one(Leo) whose way of existing(Sun) in this world, is a bit eccentric and risky(Aquarius). There are others. Your path will lead you to them. FIRST, you must have the courage(Sun) to take that leap of faith(Jupiter). 

For Water: Connect to the Ancient Ancestors  and Keepers of the Earth who HAVE or wanted to take this leap of faith themselves. They will gladly stand beside you. They physical world is your ally. Open your heart to receive the support you need. Your capacity to be rewarded for the work you’ve done can stand to be increased. 

For Earth: Home is on the horizon. First, tap into the sense of ‘home’ within. Mother Earth, your Mother, and your body  were your first understandings of what it meant to belong.; to be home. Nourish these relationships. No matter where you decide your material home will be, learn to feel safe and secure where you are now. 

For Air: Embrace yourself as a Channel and know that your work doesn’t go unnoticed. Divine messages flow through you NATURALLY. When you feel called to write, speak, or share, do so with confidence. It may not always make sense, but does it need to? 

For Fire: Where can you benefit from switching up your flow? If you’re getting too comfy in a routine, habit, or thought, ask yourself is this by necessity or complacency. It’s easy to not feel a need to change your ways if you’ve gotten ‘used to’ them. BUT, if those ways are slowing down your progress, than maybe it’s time to teach yourself some new tricks. 

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