Astro Musings for the Full Moon in Leo

Sharing some of my intuitive hunches for the upcoming Full Moon-Sun-Jupiter-Mars-Uranus showdown. I gathered these *possible* experiences based on the degrees each planet will be in when they meet in the T-square(when two planets who are in opposition(180º) both aspect a third planet by square(90º)). In this case, the Full Moon will be opposite(180º) of the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. The Full Moon, Sun, and Jupiter, will be square(90º) both Uranus and Mars in Taurus(thus forming a T-square). These are just some general musings. There are a PLETHORA of reflections of these energies and degrees, and how they may manifest for you. 

Full Moon at 9º of Leo


Sun and Jupiter Conjunct at 9º of Aquarius


Mars at 11º of Taurus and Uranus at 6º of Taurus

9º is governed by Sagittarius

11º is governed by Aquarius 

6º is governed by Virgo

Full Moon in Leo at 9º = Leo with Sagittarius Vibes

Letting go of pride for the sake of——optimistic views of matters of creativity and emotions. Relationships with Mother or connection to Divine feminine(not limited to gender) energy could be expanding. Deepening knowledge of what comes most natural to you, or what you’re most naturally intrigued by. In tune with your creative self-expression, and embracing the freedom that comes with it. Experiencing affection in more expansive ways. Releasing pent up heart energy related to inner child, religious/spiritual beliefs, feelings of mental ineptitude 

Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius at 9º= Aquarius with Saggittarian Vibes

Life force and Faith in humanity is expanded. Drawn to new religious/spiritual views that are more inclusive. Creating your own religious or spiritual groups. Benevolent experience with Divine Masculine(not limited to gender) energy(possibly a prophet, teacher, preacher, or someone who is meant to expand your mind) through associations with others. Luck is magnified and social reach is expanded. A great day to be charitable and give to, or may receive some form of charity from a Divine Masculine energy(not limited to gender), child, or group. Possible travel opportunities open up related to an idea you’ve come up with(or a good day to work on an idea that involves traveling out of state/abroad). Look at flights through organizations you’re associated with(example: you get discounts through your insurance company, job, etc.)

Mars in Taurus at 11º= Taurus with Aquarius Vibes

Trying some new ‘out of the norm’ methods of physical pleasure. Thinking about blood for some reason. Maybe giving your yoni blood to the Earth, your plants, or garden. Eating foods that you wouldn’t normally eat, or simply switching up your diet to be more reflective of who you are(dropping labels and focusing on environmental/physical impact of your choices). May discover a new allergy through physical symptoms that show up in the body. Could find some good thrifting deals on clothes and/or items for the home, but look in places you wouldn’t normally go(if you always go to goodwill, try another thrift/Salvation Army type store). Coming up with innovative ways to earn/save $$

Uranus in Taurus at 6º = Taurus with Virgo Vibes

Relationship to Earth shifts in some way. Maybe you become more aware of the need to be in service to the Earth FIRST, and your physical pleasures second. Recognizing that your relationship to your physical health, is a direct reflection to your relationship with the Earth. Sudden surprises around money, material possessions, and finding virgin(new) ways of connecting to it. Receiving insight into untapped material/natural resources. Dropping the ‘purity’ act and embracing all the colors of your natural rainbow. Coming up with(or being given) solutions to what you may have saw as a risky venture. Providing Reiki or laying hands to aid in healing others or yourself( a good day to receive reiki, a massage or acupuncture). Embracing being your own authority, and letting go of the need for approval. Knowing how to do a lot with very little. 

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