(4) Ways to Connect to the Virgo Full Moon

The Virgo Full Moon is Saturday, February 27th. Here are (4) ways to connect to the Virgin energy, that are simple and effective. 

1. Take a break. Your to-do lists can wait. If you have quite a bit on your plate(or very little), it’s time to take a break. The Virgo archetype thrives on productivity, but it’s sister sign (Pisces) is the Queen of rest and relaxation. To bring yourself into balance, set aside some time to just be. Being is just as productive as doing. What are your beliefs around rest, naps, and leisure? Where do they come from? This moon presents opportunities to dissolve those beliefs, redefine ‘productivity’, and to give yourself a break. 

2. Tune into your gut. What is it communicating? Virgo governs the digestive system aka your gut. Your gut, Spiritually acts as a translator for messages you receive from the physical realm. Short story long, this area is your Intuition. When there is healthy energy flowing here, it’s much easier to discern what your intuition is communicating to you. When there is stagnant or unhealthy energy flowing here, a lack of discernment and trust is present. Look at it from a chakra standpoint. Your gut (solar plexus) is the source of confidence, responsibility, self-esteem, and self-discipline. Can you say that these are characteristics you embody? If not, how can you introduce healthier energy to bring balance to your relationship with your gut?

3. Step up and take the lead. No one’s saying you HAVE to wait. Where are you waiting for someone else to get the hint, start a task, or initiate something that’s important to you? WHY ARE YOU WAITING? Drop the modest act that Virgo energy brings. Sometimes, you have to take things into your own hands. Both Virgo & Pisces, to some degree, need to be told what to do. In reality, waiting for someone to tell you when it’s okay to take the lead in your own story, leaves waaaaaay too much of the plot in someone else’s hands. Take the lead. Whether it’s starting a new routine, getting coworkers together for hang, or asking someone out on a date. Nike check it, and JUST DO IT!

4. Embrace change, because change is inevitable. In Virgo’s mind, there is a way that things must be done. Rules are there for a reason. Manuals exist for a reason. “If this is what the procedure says, then this must be the way to do it”. Things change. Deviating from the plan, skipping a step on the manual, or leaving out an ingredient, is not the end of the world. Rules were made to be broken. Change is constant. As a mutable sign(liable to change), Virgo is seemingly an anomaly. See, Virgo energy loves to change details about other people, places, and things. When it comes to its own energy, however, that desire for change can come to a screeching halt. Under this Full Moon in Virgo, let’s point that change-o-meter at Self. Where can you stand to change things up a bit. When you find yourself saying “this could be better” about something/one outside of yourself, contemplate how that sentiment could be directed at you. 

How are you connecting to the Full Moon in Virgo? Feel free to share below 🙂

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