(4) Ways to Connect to the Aquarius New Moon

You all may know by now, that I appreciate finding simplistic ways to connect to planetary energies. The upcoming Aquarius New Moon is no different. Above are (4) simple ways you can connect to the Aquarian lunar vibes, while keeping your focus close to home(home being ‘You’)!

1. Let go of what once was, to make way for something new. Aquarius is a natural air freshener. When the air in your environment has gotten stale, count on Aquarius to open a window to let the stagnant energy out. Where in your life can you benefit from ‘opening a window’? With both luminaries(Sun and Moon), and four planets in the sign of Aquarius, it’s quite possible you’re already well aware :).

2. Write, speak, or channel the messages you feel called to(or tune into messages you feel drawn to). We’re all channels for the Spirit world and Heavens in one way or another. What messages do you feel called to share? What channels have you recently tuned into that you felt drawn to? Your way of channeling, writing, or speaking is authentic to you. It can be through regular conversation, music, drawing, divining, or silence. No matter the method, they’re all equally powerful. 

3. Fill up your own inner well. Aquarius is known as the “Water Bearer”. As the water bearer, Aquarius delivers messages from the Spirit world, by way of its natural Element of Air(or language). How can you use your gift of language, to fill your well? Maybe divining messages from the Spirit world helps you to fill your cup. Receiving a reading from a friend, colleague, or reader could be the answer. Or simply sitting with Spirit and the Ancestors(have you given libations to your greats lately?)

4. Take a journey to a place that feels sacred to your soul. This could be a physical journey, or a journey within. Go somewhere that nourishes you, and reminds you of the Divinity that you are. 

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