-A New Wave-

Peace Divine Souls. Kai Luna here. I’ve been on hiatus, flowing through shifts, integrations, and exploration of this new Self that’s emerging. The time away, continues to deliver some wonderful insights into the World of Kai <3. A persistent thought, has been to consolidate my offerings, and give you all more, by offering less.

If you were flowing with my energy offerings on Social Media in the last quarter of 2019, you saw my focus shift toward connecting you to Guides, Frequencies, and Channeled insight, meant to shift your focus inward in Mind-Body-Spirit. —As within, so without— What I gave, were tools to assist you in programming your reality, by tuning your vibration/body, and connecting you with the Spirits here to assist in your Elevation. This information was available solely through social media, on a ‘General’ wavelength, meant for the collective. Now I intend to give those same offerings directly to you.

I, Kai Luna, am here to help you program your reality, and teach Energy Mastery. Everything in your realm, is created using Codes. Whether done so energetically, verbally, or physically (i.e., wearing a particular color), your coding tells your reality what interactions and experiences to simulate, in order for you to achieve the level of existence you desire. I am here to help you begin to INTENTIONALLY, and POWERFULLY Code your realm, using simple tools that you already have available in your environment.

Starting March 1st, 2020, I am creating space for 1-on-1 Energy Coding Classes. What you’ll receive in this One-on-One connection, is a personalized Energy forecast that includes:
-Solfeggio Frequency that best aligns with your Elevation
-Plant Magic guidance that will assist you in integrating the lessons of the month, and further assist the Solfeggio Frequency healing
-Insight from the honorable Guide/s + Ancestors closest to you
-Pockets of Thoughts(PDF): Channeled Messages that I gather when connecting to your energy

**You’ll also receive access to a Once Monthly Sunday Service, where i’ll share my interpretation of the Month ahead, and offer a Q+A to provide answers to questions you may have about Energy Work, Ancestor Veneration, etc(FIRST SUNDAY SERVICE, IS MARCH 8, 2020 VIA PRIVATE ZOOM LINK, AND IS AVAILABLE SEPARATE FROM ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS)**

Through our interactions, you’ll learn:
1. To INTENTIONALLY program your reality
2. How YOUR PERSONAL magic works best(i.e. what clair- gifts are alive and activated in your Spirit)
3. How to connect with your Guides/Ancestors
4. How to connect with Practical Magic
and much more…

This offering is designed specifically for those seeking to tap into their Magic, and the Magic around them for personal use, or as a way of elevating the collective.

For more information on beginning your Energy Coding via consultation:

To sign-up for the 1st Cosmic Sunday Service:

To begin your One-on-One Energy Mastery Sessions:

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