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Spiritual Accountability + Expectation

Peace. Great week to you.

I want to share a revelation that came to me this day, as I was walking and talking with Self.

On my way to my place of Service, I pondered on getting myself a treat to flow along with my good mood. I was feeling great after getting a new book from the Library, and treating myself to some good food seemed like a great way to top off the energy. Mind you, I had a whole lunch packed for myself on my arm, AND was in no place monetarily to be spending extra money on food. This is a fight I have with myself regularly. The fight to not perpetuate the harmful cycles I have with food and money. The idea that I can just drink some ginger tea if the food messes with my tummy, or that Money will come to me somehow because it always regenerates. I believe Self heard this inner banter, and finally said “Enough fam”.

You see, in perpetuating these cycles, my heart, my Guides, and God are called on to pick up the slack and save the day. I play into the bad habits, then fall to my knees just KNOWING a miracle will come through for me..or banking on the fact that my body will feel better eventually. But what does this say about my relationship to myself? What does this say about my relationship with my Guides and my God?

Awareness and love in your relationship to Self, your Guides, and God, looks like creating a steady foundation for you both to safely build on. It looks like keeping the money you KNOW you need in your account, so when your Spirit Tribe shows up to SHOW OUT, they already have a clear and amazing blueprint to go off of. Awareness looks like saying “NO, THANK YOU” to the habits that perpetuate your low self-esteem, and lack of trust in Self, because YOU need to know you can trust yourself. And I’m just using these examples because, FULL TRANSPARENCY, this is me just as much as it is you.

You, Self, and Spirit are the Dream Team. If you’re the weak link in the Dream, be honest with how you’re Praising the rest of the Team for picking up the slack, when you probably could have avoided their needing to do so. Your body, your Spirit, your Guides will do all they can to be of support to you, and to help you thrive as you see fit. BUT be mindful of the expectation for them to do so simply because you’re not willing to do it for yourself. 

I send you pure love as you build a more kind, unconditional, and honest relationship with yourself, your Guides, and the Divine.

All is love,


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