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Care Package (Inner Child Message for June 11, 2019)

Quick Inner Child Message for the week 6/11-6/23

Peace and great day loves. I do hope you’re flowing through this week with grace and ease.

Presently I’m on the path of Intentional Inner Child Healing(give thanks to Saturn/South Node nesting in my 4th House). The spotlight is helping me to redirect my Spiritual path, and I am eternally grateful. With that being said, here is a Collective message for the Inner Child, to help you flow through the week’s ahead.


The Tower/6 of Wands: A Force to be Reckoned With!


The first message I received when looking at this card, was “Free your Fears”. Get yourself ready to face what you’re “afraid” of. You’re afraid of gaining weight? Create meal plans + exercise routines that reflect your body weight goals. You’re afraid of debt or falling behind on your bills? Create a budget and savings plan, to get yourself ahead of the game. You’re afraid of repeating the same cycles in life? Examine and write down how you’ve perpetuated those cycles in the past, so you can visibly see WHERE and HOW to do the opposite now. I don’t mean to encourage the idea of “fear”, as fear is a trick of the mind. Fear is an opportunity to challenge yourself. It’s a Red Flag to the Toro within, daring you to be the Conqueror and not the Victim. From the perspective of the Inner Child, this Tower/6 of Wands combo, is similar to your parents working day in and out to make sure you’d have clothes to wear, food to eat, and a roof over your head(Especially if you were fortunate to have Cancer/Capricorn Parents). Only this time, you get to do it YOUR way, and in accordance to YOUR needs. Know your triggers/patterns, and how to bounce back from them. Create a care package/box for yourself to open in case of emergencies. Whether that package be items for a Spiritual bath, a savings account, healthy snacks to help with your sugar cravings, getting a counselor/advisor, or a notebook + pen next to your bed for those sleepless nights, THIS is YOU making sure that YOU are good. Set yourself up to sail straight through to your desired outcome. Build a safety net. 

Eclipse season is coming up(Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2, 2019/Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 16-17, 2019), along with Mercury going retrograde July 7, 2019. Eclipse energy on the Cancer/Capricorn Axis, highlights karmic relationships surrounding the Mother/Father, Home/Career, Early Childhood/Adult Life, Nurture/Nature, and Security/Ambition.You may already be seeing both energies(Eclipse/Retrograde) showing up in your life. These areas are where you could benefit from paying the most attention to when cultivating your “Care Packages”. This is a time for you to make sure you and your Inner Child know:

-theres ENOUGH to go around

-you are safe, secure, and grounded(in all arenas of life)

-you are loved

-you are abundant

-And most importantly, no matter what gets shaken up during this season,


Everything..and i mean ALWAYS working in your favor…in ALL WAYS!


A helpful tip for your “Care Package”, is to know that the major themes coming up for review, are all Root Chakra related. Incorporating tools associated with the Root Chakra will not only help you stay grounded during this time, but it will help you better understand the lessons that will come up for review.

Spiritual Tools for the Root Chakra:

-Black Tourmaline/Shungite/Hematite/Red Jasper

-Black + Pink Sea Salt


-Chanting “LAM”(the Root Chakra Seed Mantra)

-Wearing the color Red

-Grounding yourself in nature(walking barefoot outside or walking amongst Trees)

-Eating a Natural Diet(incorporating more raw/uncooked veggies/fruits as they contain vital codes for your DNA upgrades)


I am safe + secure.

I accept all of the abundance in my life.

My energy is grounded to bring in a healthy energy flow.

I have everything that I need for an abundant life.

I am rooted safely in my physical body.


That’s all I have in the present moment loves. I do hope this info helps. If you’d like personalized Inner Child guidance on how to flow through this Eclipse/Retrograde season, you are free to contact me.

All is love. Peace and Blessings.

Kai Luna.

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