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Sending + Receiving Personal Signals|Weekly Guidance for March 11, 2019

“For one of the most marvelous lessons you learn on a path of personal transformation, is that when your heart is open to change, you’re able to recognize the personal signals of encouragement your authentic self is constantly sending, no matter how unlikely the source.”
-Sarah Ann Breathnach


Happy Week All. May the days ahead be filled with light, love, and peaceful new beginnings.

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The week’s message comes from The Empress, Passion, and Destiny. Spring is just around the corner, bringing with it an uplifting energy, and promises of New Life to come. The Empress is a sign of beauty + abundance; a reflection of Mother Nature’s natural gift of blossoming effortlessly when she is ready to. She does not rush through the processes of shedding + releasing, as she knows the purpose she serves, requires her to be willing to surrender to Divine Timing.

There’s a message here, to release the illusion of You(or time) needing to “speed up”, be everywhere at once, juggle more than what’s already on your plate, have “more” than what you have, or to be “more” than you are now. MORE is an illusion. There is no need to rush or seek MORE, for what you desire and require will come in Divine Time. It’s not a matter of “if it will happen” or “am I meant to have it”. It’s a matter of “when” it will happen, and what you’re meant to do with it when it arrives.

Spring brings with it many trees and plants bearing blossoms and fruits. Your Divine Time could be now(March), or in the coming Spring Months(April-Mid June). Choose to flow through each day with a full heart, knowing you have more than enough on your plate as is. This is a time for you to play and serve from a place of gratitude. Playing and doing what you love, is a reflection of your inherent joy and abundance. It’s a reminder of why you chose to live as a Spirit embodying a fleshy form. Your Destiny in this life, is to live through your passions. Whether your passion be cooking, painting, dancing, writing, esoteric, or other, it is what will sustain you vibrationally. What I feel, is that you are shifting into a season of needing to live authentically in your passions for the sake of Mother Earth. Your passions, will soon become one of your biggest sources of abundance, beauty, and nurturing. It is through your passions, that you are of service to your community, Ancestors, and Spirit. Spend time this week cultivating a deeper relationship with your creative expressions, and diving into what are your true passions(if you’re not sure what it may be). Spend this week doing what naturally feels good and right to you. This is a time where, like Mother Earth, you are pregnant with great intuitive insight, creativity, emotion, healing, and fruit to bear. GROW with her flow.

Journal questions to consider:

•Are my daily actions supporting my real passion?
•What am I willing to stand for?
•What tools do I need to form my own destiny?
•Am I ready for my destiny?

Chakra Focus(es):
Sacral Chakra + Crown Chakra

Energy Healing + Readings


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