Aquarius Season 2019: The Heart, She Holler

First, biggest energetic hug to anyone who gets the title of the post. Just a little humor to lighten the dry and fiery energy in the Cosmos.

Aquarius season is here, and bringing us the pocket of Air we’ve so desperately needed. Known in Astrology as The Water Bearer, Aquarius’ exist to symbolically and eternally give life and spiritual food to the World. The Water from their “vessel” washes away the past, leaving room for a fresh, new start. The sign of Aquarius is forward-looking and growth-oriented. Concerned with equality and individual freedom, Aquarius seeks to dispense its knowledge, and its vision of equality and individuality, to all.

Here’s a few things to know about Aquarius:

Element: Air
Duality: Masculine
Triplicity: Fixed
Planetary Ruler: Uranus|sudden change; rebellion; reinvention; separation
House Association: 11th House|social networks/friends; humanitarian/philanthropic efforts, future-vision, dreams/wishes)
Aquarius (S)un/(M)oon Spirits You May Know: Oprah Winfrey(S), Ellen Degeneres(S), Bob Marley(S), Charles Darwin(S), Galileo Galilei(S), The Weeknd(S), Gucci Mane(S), Justin Timberlake(S), Jesus Christ(M), Princess Diana(M), John Lennon(M), Muhammad Ali(M), Morgan Freeman(M), Solange(M), Lil Wayne(M)

This Aquarius season will bring some much needed restructuring to your foundations. Ruled by planet of sudden change, Uranus, Aquarius brings with it the wisdom needed to create lasting change in the physical realm and matters of the heart. Be mindful, that this wisdom may not always come in the most obvious or conventional ways. Both Uranus and Aquarius carry quiet, but powerful energy. You never know exactly what they’re up to, until they really want you to. Think of it as a Surprise Party from your Guides + Ancestors. For some time, they’ve been listening to your desires, and watching your movements, gathering all they need to know in order to give you a grand shock to your system. Not without first, separating you from your familiar surroundings, social circles, codependent behaviors, and linear ways of thinking.

Aquarius is a collective healer, that must separate themselves to replenish their own cup. Without this Full Cup, their purpose can not be served as they wish, leading to a free fall into the “Hive Mind”. If there is one thing Aquarius is not okay with, it’s being a “Follower” and losing their identity in the flow of what others want. They must lead. They must stay ahead of the trends and desires of the collective, in order to inspire those who also want to break free. Aquarius is here as a reminder that the Collective Dream must always reflect self-reliance, liberation, and progression.

Your Spiritual Surprise Party will come with a sudden *poof* of materialization. I feel there will be indicators along the way, giving you hints as to what your guides are planning for you. These hints will be subtle, and will most likely come intuitively and/or in your dreams. For some, I feel your friends will play a part in dropping these hints(although they aren’t aware of it). I see them being moved around like game pieces; sending links, affirmations, songs, and resources, that all fit into the Surprise that awaits you. Social media will also have an influence, as both Uranus and Aquarius rule over the Internet and Social Networks. There’s a need to create space for yourself under the Aquarian influence, so that you can hear these messages on your own, away from the influence of others desires. There are places you need to go, things you need to hear and see, that exist outside of your comfort zone. “What do YOU want”, I hear. What do YOU see in your future?

Below are your Channeled Forecasts for each week of Aquarius season:

January 21-January 27|4 of Diamonds
Alright look. It’s time to come out of hibernation, and get out of your comfort zone. You’re looking at others live their life on social media, and seeing your friends out experiencing life, all while you Netflix and Chill it up. That’s all fine and dandy, but how does this add to your life experience?I hear “well i don’t have the money for it”, “I have bills to pay”, “I’d rather save up the money first”. Practical methods of moving through life, yes. Are these comfortable excuses, though? There are plenty of free events for you to experience. What do you know about your city/state? How far have you ventured outside of your regular daily commute to see what the haps are? || For some I feel this is you realizing there are some financial investments that need to be made; new car, phone, home, clothes, computer, travel, etc. What I sense, is that you’re looking at items that are either cheap or low-cost, knowing that’s not what you truly want. Not saying you have to go and ball all out, but at the same time, why can’t you? Your view of these “low cost”, cheap items, reflects on your Self-Worth. Go for what you want. Don’t worry about the cost. Your bank account may not reflect the dollar amount you desire today, but who’s to say it won’t tomorrow? || I see some of you hiding from the bill collectors and the people you owe money to. I see hiding from the landlord, and dodging phone calls because you don’t have it. For some, you don’t have it because you’re paying other bills. Others, I feel you’ve just been reckless with your spending. Those phone calls aren’t going to stop, just because you’re pretending they’re not happening. Notice the patterns in how you ended up here. I get the Karmic Cycle vibe, and feel this isn’t the first time you’ve been here. There are lessons to be learned around budgeting, and taking care of YOU first(which includes paying your bills on time)|| I also feel for some, this is you not speaking up on what’s going on with you behind closed doors. Either you need help financially, there’s something flowing with your health, or there’s some secret secrets happening within the home that aren’t being addressed in a healthy manner. There’s a lack of love and trust present; love/trust for self and love/trust within your relationships/partnerships. Pay attention this week to signs and messages telling you to address the energy NOW. || The last thing I’m picking up on, is some of you getting back into a place where you can begin to create stability and grounding for yourself. I feel it isn’t a high paying position, but it pays the bills and helps you to keep food on the table. You may feel a ways about it, as I see heavy sighs and scrunched up faces. This is a recurring cycle for you, and before you can Elevate out of it, you must show you can take care of yourself consistently with what you’re given now.


January 28-February 3|10 of Hearts/Wheel of Fortune

The theme song from Annie popped into my head when seeing this card. “The Sun will come out tomorrow”, and some of you are really betting your bottom dollars on tomorrow. Remember that Spiritual Surprise Party I mentioned earlier? I feel your Guides still taking inventory behind the scenes. The movements and mentions you made during the first week of Aqua Season, are spinning the Cosmic Wheel in a new direction for you. Now that you’re communicating and opening yourself to align with what you truly want, your Guides can begin to put the final pieces on this Surprise. I get that this/these gifts are reflections of your hearts desires. ||For some, this is a shift in your family dynamics. There’s been an absence of emotional vulnerability, and now more love and connecting is coming forward. I feel a deepening of conversations, and going below the surface, which may not be what you’re used to.You’re talking more about your emotional needs, and releasing a build-up of energy that’s been created over time. There’s some heavy tears and ugly cries to be had, but they’re BEYOND necessary. || For some, I feel this is a moment of relief in your love relationships. You’ve both been looking for the Rainbow and the Dove as a sign of Peace. I get family trauma influencing how you’ve been flowing, and you both needing to make amends with those dynamics in order to experience something new in your union. I also feel that some sort of outside assistance(prayer, meditation, reiki, counseling, etc) could be necessary to get the Wheel turning. Some of you haven’t met your “one” just yet, but both of you are flowing through similar life lessons. As you heal, send love and guidance to your soulmate/flame/partner(whichever label you want to use). Your coming together is influenced by these lessons. || Karmic cycles is coming up again, and that tells me you’ve been here before. Take note of what it feels like you’re being asked to do differently. I get -using your past as an excuse- for some of you. You’ve had many chances to heal and allow new understandings of love to form. Some of you have just been too stubborn and stuck in your defenses to let them in. Independence comes to mind. Proving you can do it your way, while still holding onto the idea that you won’t be like your Parents/Family. That mentality has become your shadow, and a looming reminder of what’s possible. The key here, is to trust that the decisions you’re making have already created a reality that’s not identical to what you’ve seen/experienced in the past. || Happy home comes to mind. Some of you are shifting into new homes and financial increase, or opening yourself to the idea of both. A home that reflects who you truly are, free from the confines of past heartaches and disappointments. A job/career that takes care of your family, and resonates with what you love. I get that your hard work has paid/is paying off. Keep opening up to release the excess baggage, and making room in your heart for the happiness you know you’re worthy of. ||One last message I’m getting, is that Jupiter and Venus are at play in what’s going down in your life. Jupiter and Venus together, expand on your hearts desires, and act as strong magnets pulling them toward you. Open, open, open. Let go of what/who you really isn’t serving you(which I feel was the emphasis of the first week of Aqua Season). As soon as you open the door for that energy to be let go, what’s being pulled towards you can come in.


February 4-February 10| 8 of Hearts/The Moon

On February 4th, the New Moon in Aquarius takes place at 4:04 PM EST. Moon In Aquarius is both visionary and eccentric; neither too emotional nor too cerebral. The Moon will join both the Sun and Mercury In Aquarius, creating a desire to shift away from emotion and into the mind. Aquarius is the sign of future knowledge, and as a Moon-native they are interested in the unknown and what lies ahead. Many lunar Aquarians seem to be clairvoyant, giving them the ability to see things before they happen. || I feel a hand-off of knowledge between the past and the future. Imagine an Infinity symbol. On one side of the loops, exists the past. On the other side, is the future. In the middle is present moment You, receiving waves of guidance meant to help you rectify what has happened in the past, and align with the reality you’ve created for your future. ||Visions of what is to come, are heightened due to the triple Aquarius vibe of the week. Expect your “I just know” to be popping! There’s an energy of mystery here, that will entice some of you to explore it deeper. The more energy you give to it, the more clues you’ll begin to see. Remember the Spirit Guide Surprise Party? If you’re curious to know what is in store, this is the week to ask questions. Ask your guides what they have up their sleeves. You may not get a straightforward answer, but the clues will for sure find their way to you. ||For some, I feel you’ll be led to collaborate with other Souls on new/existing projects. These projects have the potential to expand your income and clout. I feel this could also be you working with others to solve a mystery or solve a “problem” you all are passionate about, related to your communities and the collective. || I feel this week will be a solid Heart Healing week. The relief Aquarius’ energy brings, makes it easier to stay afloat in matters of love and emotion. There’s also easier expression of the heart. You can say what needs to be said, and move forward. It is a good week to do some Heart Chakra tuning and rituals, as you recuperate from the energy clearing being done. To book a personal Heart Chakra guided meditation with me, click here.

*Give thanks to my brilliant Soul Friend Ash(an Aquarius !) for the brilliant infinity symbol reference in her tarot video. It’s opened many doors for me.


February 11-February 18|King of Hearts

This is the week where it all comes together(and thank Goddess because Pisces season is next)! Getting a grip on your emotions and desires is so very necessary before shifting into the ebb, and sometimes illusory, flow of Pisces’ influence. || I feel this week, you’ll be finalizing what your heart is asking you to focus on. All this month, you’ve been faced with tests, necessary releases, and your guides asking you “What do you want”? All the while, it has been your heart running the show. I feel elevation in professional successes, that comes from channeling your sensitivity and creativity into a core focus. It also doesn’t hurt, that your Guides have been working away behind the scenes, following you as you add/remove desires on your “My Perfect Life” list. || I see partnerships and relationships that are now stronger. I get a major sigh of relief here, as some of you may have been afraid that this would be a “one that got away” type of deal. This partnership could be business, platonic, and/or love. For others, I feel it is more material focused; car, home, job, etc. What has/is coming through is much more suited for your needs than what you’d originally imagined/asked for. Those of you who were flowing with financial concerns in the beginning of the month, I feel are finding/have found solutions that offer what you need AND more. ||Last, I feel many of you are leaving Aquarius season with new friendships, and social circles. I hear “I wasn’t expecting this”, and I feel it is in reference to the type of friendships you have cultivated. There could be significant age differences, political views, sexual preferences, religious/spiritual views, but I feel excitement and gratitude for those varying perspectives. ||I see some of you under the stars. Some are experiencing this at a party. Some are out in nature where the lights are minimal, and the sky is clear. I also see this in a room, with maybe glow in the dark stars, or a window with a view of the night sky. In each scenario, I feel a sigh of relief, and a sense of satisfaction and peace. Job well done loves.


The heart chakra seems to be the main focus of Aquarius season. Below are affirmations to assist in tuning the flow of energy within the heart space.


I am fully open to giving love.
I am fully open to receiving love.
I forgive instantly, completely and unconditionally.
I forgive myself.
I forgive others.
I love myself unconditionally.
I love others unconditionally.
My heart chakra is empowered by love.
My heart is balanced in giving and receiving love.
My open heart chakra is powerful.
Love is my guiding truth.
I am fulfilling my heart’s desire.
I choose joy.
I am grateful for all of my blessings.
I am creating loving and supporting relationships.
It is safe for me to be in a loving relationship.
I have unconditional compassion for myself.
I have unconditional compassion for others.
My heart is free from past hurts.
I give and receive love, forgiveness and compassion to myself and others effortlessly and unconditionally. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude.


Happy Healing to you all. For Extended Aquarius season Tarot Readings and Healing, BOOK HERE


Kai Luna

IG + TWITTER: @Kaiyotemoon

FB: Kai Luna Moon


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