Dreams Do Come True: 1/21-1/27

We began this week with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo. Astrologically, Leo rules over the power of the Inner Child. Breaking down Leo energy, you have a focus on expressing what brings you joy, pleasure, and a sense of fun without the fear of judgement or shame. Having a strong connection to your inner child, helps you to stay connected to the Wonders and Joys of Life. Existing in a realm of logic and limits, creates a disconnect between you, and the simplicity with which you wanted to Live your life as a Child. You join in the rat race, searching for happiness and acceptance in material possessions, money, superficial relationships, and status, all the while forgetting none of it can create TRUE happiness within. This week is about coming back to and cultivating the happiness within, so that your true life’s desires can be reflected and experienced around you. 
Below is the forecast for this week, 1/21-1/27:

6 of Wands-Trees-Neptune:
I feel this week, you’ll begin to see just how successful you’ve been at growing through the pain, illusions, and lessons that were/are holding you back from experiencing the life you desire. 6 of Wands points to praise and celebration 🎉 after achieving a goal and/or hitting a long-awaited milestone. It took time and patience to get here, but you made it and deserve every bit of the accolades that come from your efforts. Your accomplishments could be accompanied by public recognition either from loved ones, your boss, or even just a pat on the back from Self. Revel in the “good job” no matter how big or small. Connected to Tree + Neptune energy, I feel this is related to Dreams(desires) for Security(Emotional/Material), Ancestor/Family Healing, and Self-Care. It can be easy to grow weary of dreams actualizing, if there is no tangible evidence of progress being made. Energetically, much has been happening behind the scenes ☝🏽. You’ll begin to see this as the week progresses, and more proof manifests into your physical reality.

Tree 🌲 also connects to using plant medicine such as Willow Bark. Willow Bark is a natural pain reliever for headaches, lower back pain, and menstrual cramps. If you’ve experienced long-term pain with either, or desire more knowledge on how to use plant medicine in your healing practice, follow @houseofumi_apothecary on Instagram. Trees are infinite Spirits, filled with a millennia of wisdom. Connect to their energy either physically or energetically, as they have messages waiting for you.

I see hopes and dreams you may have felt were stolen from you, or out of your reach, now coming to fruition and being gifted to you. The life and love you wanted as a child, are showing you that they ARE attainable, and this is your week to embrace them.
With this in mind, I feel Solar Plexus + Throat Chakra Healing can help to integrate you with the New Beginnings of this week. The Solar Plexus is your 3rd Chakra, and governs your Personal Power. The Throat Chakra is your 5th Chakra, and governs your Self- Expression. Both energy centers are areas heavily influenced by Parental and Authority figures, as you grow up. The inability to make your own decisions, and being told when/where/how/what to speak, opens the door for continuous self-rejection. The focus here, is to SHOW and EXPRESS that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. and that your Dreams ARE valid.

Healing Affirmations:

Focusing on Yellow + Blue Healing light all around you:

  • I value and trust myself fully.
  • I am enough and everything I that I do in life is enough.
  • I am a powerful, radiant, and magnificent being of light.
  • I express my feelings easily and freely.
  • I own my Power and feel fully alive.
  • I am calm, confident, and well spoken.
  • I accomplish my dreams.





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