On Monday, January 21, 2019, the First Full Moon of the Year makes its grand entrance, as a Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. This Full Moon is a culmination of the lessons learned under 2018’s Leo North Node/Aquarius South node energy, and 2018’s August 11th New Moon in Leo. Think back to the lessons you learned about your purpose, needs, and passions, to get an idea of what is coming to an end under this Eclipse.


Monday’s Astro Alchemy:

Full Moon in Leo, in Opposition to Sun in Aquarius, Squaring Uranus in Aries:

Together, these energies lead to feeling anything but ordinary. Moon in Leo needs warmth, fun, and self-expression, and ONLY under THEIR terms. Leo is a fixed energy, meaning they move only when they’re convinced it’s necessary(and good luck getting them to see it your way). Squaring off with rebellious Uranus in Aries, this aspect could feel as though you’re being dragged in a direction you’re not ready to go in. Aries is ready, even when you’re not. But trust me, YOU ARE!! Giving in to the changes this square presents, creates new and necessary possibilities for your future(Sun in Aquarius), even if you can’t understand why just yet. If there is one lesson to take away from Monday’s Full Moon, it is this:

Willingly repeating the same cycles over and over again, thinking things will “magically” turn out different, only leads to irritation and insanity.

I chose to use my Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck for this Full Moon’s energy. Below are your Theme’s + Chakra focuses for the Full Moon in Leo. For fun, I decided to do a little Music Divination(hitting shuffle on my Apple Music Library lol), to see what song accompanies the lesson’s being learned. Enjoy the music + growth being brought to you under the Full Moon light!  

Aries Sun/Moon/Rising

Grief|Heart Chakra: Letting go of the pain in your heart may be difficult at first, but it’s truly for the best. This Full Moon gives you the opportunity to lay your wounds to rest, once and for all. Find peace in knowing when they’re laid to rest, new love will begin to sprout in their place.

“The Only Exception” (x) Paramore


Taurus Sun/Moon/Rising

Perception|Heart Chakra: Hidden gems found under the Full Moon light, offer new perceptions of the world around you. What’s illuminated, will show you the door to new opportunities was there all along. Accept in your heart that a change in view, can lead to better days ahead.

“Cloud of Our Own” (x) The Internet


Gemini Sun/Moon/Rising

Bittersweet|Throat Chakra: Sometimes what you want, isn’t what you NEED. This Full Moon will bring to culmination a cycle you probably are not ready to let go of, but TRULY need to. One side of you may already feel it coming. Be gentle with your other half, your other twin, as you open to this much-needed ending. Both of you must forge ahead on one accord from here forward.

“New Theory” (x) Washed Out


Cancer Sun/Moon/Rising

Perseverance|Sacral Chakra: A weight is being lifted from your shoulders under the Moon’s influence. Your ability to keep pushing and moving forward, is leading to a much lighter load to bear. Keep the energy of determination with you, as your Angels take those heavy burdens and transform them into a much-needed energy boost for you.

“Close to You” (x) Rihanna


Leo Sun/Moon/Rising

Perception|Heart Chakra: This is YOUR Moon Leo. Your heart is shining the brightest light possible, to show you what has been there all along. Where there were previously gray skies and clouds, will soon reveal to you butterflies and clear skies. Your proud heart has all it needs right in front of you.

“You Are Here” (x) Jhene Aiko


Virgo Sun/Moon/Rising

Creation|Crown Chakra: The smallest seeds, possess the greatest amount of Magic. Look to the trees around you, as reflections of your Power. Creation is a slow and steady process. There is no rush or pressure for perfection in Nature. With the right love, nurturing, and patience, your dreams can flourish just as Earth’s Immortal Giants do.

“Bed Peace” (x) Jhene Aiko

Libra Sun/Moon/Rising

Acceptance|Root Chakra– You are who you are. You are where you are. The same compassion and patience you give to others, you should gladly give to yourself. The beauty you possess, is a constant. Every decision you’ve ever made, is a piece of the wondrous recipe that is YOU. Honor the time it has taken to cultivate the Love + Peace you posses. No more allowing the past to be the only reflection you see in the mirror.

“Reality in Motion” (x) Tame Impala


Scorpio Sun/Moon/Rising

Wisdom|Heart Chakra: There are many reflections around you, that mirror the wisdom you possess. You’re an infinite source of knowledge. When you can not see it within, your Magic creates reminders in your environment, tribe, and Passions. Turning to them for guidance and support, is the same as coming within to Self. Open your hands, arms, and heart to receive the confirmations you’re seeking. Most importantly, open your mouth and speak on it.

“Music to Walk Home By” (x) Tame Impala


Sagittarius Sun/Moon/Rising

Quest|Throat Chakra: Where are REALLY going, and why Sag? Rather, is it necessary to go there? Maybe what you’re seeking lies within. Find what fills you Emotionally + Spiritually, by listening to the smaller voices and urges inside. Remember that the small, is what makes up the larger whole. Resisting the urge to run, may be the key to satisfying the insatiable desire for more.  

“FEAR” (x) Kendrick Lamar

Capricorn Sun/Moon/Rising

Facade|Solar Plexus: The confusion you feel comes from living in the Shadow of others’ desires for you. When does the Sun get a chance to shine on what you truly want? This Full Moon will reveal a path away from the fog and illusions you’ve been floating in. What you thought you wanted in the past, may not be what you want NOW. Who you were THEN, isn’t who you are NOW. Re-ignite your Power, by relinquishing the hold pleasing others has over you.

“I Can’t Go For That” (x) Daryl Hall + John Oates


Aquarius Sun/Moon/Rising

Discovery|Root Chakra: Your connection with your High Self is stronger than ever. This comes from immersing yourself in your Passions + Purpose. You know the path you wish to walk, and following that path will lead to complete renewal of your Body + Soul. Continue trusting your inner wisdom. If there are energies around you that create doubt along your path, make room to release that energy with a clear conscience.

“Breathing Underwater” (x) Hiatus Kaiyote


Pisces Sun/Moon/Rising

Expansion|Throat Chakra: The mental fog is clearing up, and I feel it won’t last long. The Moon introduces a much-needed period of recovery. While your mind is clear, tap into your inner wisdom to extend the energy of Expansion that’s here for you. Set yourself up to live the easy and effortless life you desire. Pay no mind to what others may say about the way you live your life. Their projections are of no importance to you.  

“I’ve Been Daydreaming My Entire Life” (x) Washed Out



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