Skeletons In Your Closet:1/14-1/20 Weekly Guidance


Here’s your weekly Tarot Guidance for 1/14-1/20

5 of Clubs/The Devil+2 of Swords+Alpha:

This week is one of new beginnings. It feels to me that you’ll be clearing out energy associated with your fears. More specifically, the fears created by your Mind + Mental Programming. This is a week of Shadow Work. Don’t let the word “Shadow” intimidate you . Shadow relates to the parts of your psyche that go unaddressed, and that are often pushed to the back of the mind in an attempt to avoid having to “deal” with them. Well, those parts of you have enough fuel behind them now, to stay front and center no matter how much you try and avoid them. Consciously turning a blind eye to your Fears, will only open doors for them to reach you on a subconscious level. Dreams, subliminal messages in songs/shows, symbols, and conversations, may all begin to reflect the truth you’re purposely trying to avoid. Rather than running away, choose to face them head on. Don’t be surprised if ghosts from the past (trauma, exes, old friends, lessons) come to you this week, asking for your time and energy. This is only a test . A test to see how much you’ve learned about YOU. Think about the work you’ve been putting in to heal and better understand your needs/boundaries. How do you apply those to the Spirits that have come knocking? You’re not the same person you were back then. Stand tall, and do your best to stay in the present version of yourself, rather than resorting to the person you were when these events/relationships occurred.

Strength in mind and emotions will help you to conquer this week like a Champ . We’re in the First Quarter Phase of the Moon, which means this is only the beginning. There’s more to come. Jumping to conclusions won’t serve you. You may think you know why these triggers/energies are coming up, but I feel there’s more that will follow. For now, stay in the moment. No assumptions . Take each day and lesson, one at a time.


SACRAL CHAKRA + SHADOW MEDITATIONS: The Sacral Chakra is your Second Energy Center, located below your navel and above your pubic area. It resonates with the Color Orange, and the Element of Water. In the second chakra, your work is to reclaim the shadow. The Shadow represents your repressed instinctual energies that have been locked away in the realm of the unconscious. Those instincts do not cease to exist, but are instead expressed unconsciously. The greater the repression, the louder the shadow has to yell to be heard. Reclaiming the shadow means that you reclaim the instinctual energies of your needs and desires so that they can be channeled in appropriate ways.


-Emotional Release
-Inner Child Work
-Boundary Work
-Addressing Addictions
-Assign Healthy Pleasures
-Develop Sensate(6 Senses) Intelligence

-I develop pleasure in my life.
-I absorb information from my feelings.
-I embrace and celebrate my sexuality.
-My sexuality is sacred.
-I move easily and effortlessly.
-Life is pleasurable.

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