July 2018: Tarot and Moon Scopes


Half of the year has flown by us, and there are still many beautiful seeds to be sewn and reaped. Break out your smudge sticks, notebooks, and pens! Here are your mini tarotscopes + tips on what intentions to set with this month’s New + Full Moon energies. For deeper readings, click the link below each mini-scope.

NEW MOON:JULY 13, 2018|FULL MOON: JULY 27, 2018

**Cards read as Theme|New Moon|Full Moon|. For a deeper reading, look for your Sun/Moon/Rising + Venus signs**


Princess of Cups|The Devil|The Blasted Tower: This is your month to swim deep in your healing and intuitive waters. Use the Princess of Cups energy, to embrace the new creative beginnings presented to you. You may be feeling youthful and inspired, and more willing to express and explore yourself emotionally. Flow with it. There may also be messages flowing to you by way of loved ones or Spirit. Tune into your psychic channels, as these messages will lead to deeper levels of transformation. With your New Moon intentions, focus on welcoming in a closer connection with your shadow side. The Devil often stirs up discomfort in a reading, but I feel for you Cancer, that it is necessary to see what lies in the murky waters of your subconscious. There is Power in knowing yourself on all levels, and much to be gained by using that knowledge to break free from detrimental ties. As the Full Moon energy rolls in, focus your intentions toward creating radical shift in your life. The Tower points to an awakening that comes from an unexpected change in your realm. For you Cancer, the change will have come from your work with the New Moon energy. As you flow through your month identifying the unhealthy bonds that need severing, use your new sense of power to call in a Spiritual breakdown of those energies. When in need of a boost of love and creativity, call on the Princess of Cups to pull you back into Self.



The Hanged Man|Ten of Pentacles|Six of Wands: Surrender will be your biggest ally this month Leo. The Hanged Man indicates a need to hang loose. Not give up, which I know the Leo heart could never do. Simply, wait. If you feel you’ve been flowing against rough waters, now is the time to flow WITH the current. With this new approach, you may realize those waters were carrying you to your desired destination all along. Release any illusion that you must be in control, or that Spirit is working against you. For your New Moon, focus your intentions toward building long-term success and gratification with the energy of the Ten of Pentacles. Move away from the idea that you must have it all now. Success built over time, will deliver much deeper satisfaction. Create a practical and precise plan for yourself, and trust that you’re being led to victory. With the Full Moon and the Six of Wands, focus your intentions toward releasing the current lack of confidence you have in yourself and your accomplishments. If you’re flowing from ego, and feeling like you’ve hit your plateau, let that go. Now is a time to humble yourself. Leo is a sign that loves to be in the spotlight. Your time is coming. For now, choose to celebrate yourself. Every accomplishment is worthy of celebration, even if you’re the only one cheering yourself on (although we all know you’re not ;))



King of Swords|The Sun|Ace of Pentacles: This month with the King of Swords, may deliver to you many revelations around the ways you’ve been using your logic and words. Your words are your minions, Virgo. What you speak and think, they go out into the World and make happen. How are you wielding this power? This is a month for clear thinking, and using your intellectual power to know better. When you know better, you flow better. Use the clarity that comes to you in July, to navigate a new path ahead. The Sun as your New Moon card, points to calling in warmth, success, and some fun in the Sun. The first half of the year may have been more on the serious side for you, and now it’s time to let your hair down. The Sun could also point to willing in the energy of Leo. Now may be the time for you to be bold and daring, and allow yourself to live more in the spotlight. For the Full Moon, you have the Ace of Pentacles. Use the energy of the Full Moon to release any hesitation toward taking opportunities that are presented to you. Rather than relying on your instincts, you seek to know the ins and outs of what’s ahead. Planning and foresight are necessary, but don’t get so stuck in the “what if’s”, and never act on the intention. The Ace of Pentacles also points to getting a grip on your finances. If your finances have been getting ahead of you, set some intentions to release any poor spending/saving habits you’ve noticed are holding you back.



Ace of Swords|Six of Cups|The Empress: July for you Libra, will be a month of breakthrough’s and clarity. The Ace of Swords wield’s the power of clear mental agility. If you’ve been feeling foggy, or flowing through a block, there may be some much-needed relief headed your way. As you flow through this month, hold it in your mind to speak and seek the truth. Be mindful and present, so that you don’t miss the ‘aha’ moment that’s heading your way. With your New Moon, focus your intentions toward welcoming in the assistance of your inner child. The Six of Cups brings you help from your past. There may be some gems buried in your memories, that could help trigger a breakthrough for you in the present. Spend time under the Moon, reflecting on any experiences or emotions that feel similar to cycles that you’ve repeated once before. When the Full Moon rolls in, call on the energy of The Empress. The Empress possesses the energy of fertility, creativity, and abundance. For you Libra, I feel this may also indicate some issues stemming from the Mother figure(s) in your life. Under the Full Moon, focus on releasing any blocks that are preventing you from flowing freely creatively, or blocks around your abundance. For those of you who resonate with the Mother energy of The Empress, allow yourself to release any hurt or trauma that stem from your relationship with the Mother figure(s) in your life.



Nine of Wands|Ten of Pentacles|The Empress: This month you have the influence of the Nine of Wands. July may be a test of faith for you Scorpio. Your goal, is to be courageous and remain persistent in the pursuit of your desires. Allow your emotions and intuition to guide you on path of your personal truth. The Nine of Wands reflects as the one last step you must take before finally reaching success. Keep pushing forward until you reach the finish line. For your New Moon intentions, you have the Ten of Pentacles. This is an energy of long-term financial success and security. Plant seeds under the Moon, to bring in opportunities that can help solidify the financial plans and changes you’ve put in place. The Ten of Pentacles also represents energy of tradition and your ancestors. Ancestor remembrance under the New Moon, could be immensely beneficial for you. Call on your ancestors to aid you in breaking any generational cycles that could be preventing you from achieving lasting financial security. With your Full Moon, focus on the energy of The Empress. Release any feelings of lack or indecision. If you feel that you’ve come to a creative block in your ability to manifest true abundance, The Empress will help you to turn your fortune around. Take time to listen to your inner psyche, as she may be showing you areas of your life where you feel discontent.



The Blasted Tower|Four of Swords|Three of Cups: July may flow with a few shake-ups for you Sagittarius. The Blasted Tower, points to a sudden shift in the foundations your ideals are built on. Although unexpected, these shifts aren’t to be feared. When the dust of your shake-up settles, you’ll see that it’s exactly what you needed and have been asking for. The Blasted Tower is influenced by Mars, the planet of action. As you’re flowing through the month, know that your motivation and movement, are making a big impact on what’s flowing on behind the scenes. Your New Moon influence is the Four of Swords. This card points to much-needed rest and relaxation. For you Sagittarius, this could mean calling in a mental vacation or period of recuperation. If it’s been a while since you’ve been able to take time to yourself, spend time under this Moon asking Spirit to bring in your much-needed relief. The Three of Cups points to possibly being secluded from your close circle of friends, or denying yourself opportunities to have some fun. With your Full Moon, spend time releasing any thoughts or feelings that you have to constantly be working. You’re the life of the party Sagittarius. It is more than okay to give in to your party energy once in a while. For some of you, this could also point to partying a bit TOO much, and not working enough. For you, use this Full Moon to create a balance in your work + party life.



Knight of Swords|Nine of Wands|Queen of Cups: This month for you Capricorn, shows you propelled forward by a new idea or mental pursuit. You have your eye on the prize, and your sights set on fulfilling your goals. The Knight of Swords energy is one of determination and ambition. His energy will lend you the assistance you need in manifesting your goals. Just be sure this month, to be mindful of any potential challenges or consequences to the actions you choose to take. Your New Moon energy, is represented by the Nine of Wands. Under the influence of the Moon, use your magic to welcome in perseverance and determination. The Knight of Swords can easily get distracted, or quickly reach a point of burning out. Persistence is a major key in your success this month. Meditate on the energy of the Nine of Wands, and ask for courage to push past any obstacles you may face. The Queen of Cups comes to you as your Full Moon energy. With the Full Moon, allow yourself to release any resistance toward being compassionate and kind to yourself. It may be easy to focus solely on the pursuit of your goals, and forget to be patient as you flow on this journey. Use the Queen of Cups’ energy as a reminder that self-care is necessary. Also use this Moon, to release any energy blocking your intuitive abilities. As you move forward, you’ll need to be able to intuitively feel what’s ahead. Focus your intentions on releasing any emotional and intuitive blocks.



King of Cups|Six of Cups|Knight of Pentacles: This month Aquarius, will help you to gain better understanding of your emotion’s, and just how deep they flow. King of Cups comes to help you mature in how you handle and perceive matters of the heart. If you find that you’ve been a bit unstable in that department in the month’s prior, this month will present lessons to help you flow back to the surface and create balance. For some, this could also point to maturing in your creative and intuitive talents. For your New Moon, you have the Six of Cups. This cards asks you to focus your intentions on welcoming in assistance from your inner child and past experiences. It may be beneficial to explore moments from your childhood, that now stifle you emotionally and creatively. With the Knight of Pentacles, I feel your Full Moon energy is best focused on releasing a calculated approach to love. The Knight of Pentacles is a methodical and conservative energy. For your expressions to flow as freely as you desire, it’s necessary for you to set intentions to move away from this timid approach. Ask Spirit to help you with feelings of being “stuck” emotionally and creatively.


The Devil|Five of Swords|The Hierophant: Your theme this month Pisces, is The Devil. You may find that you’re flowing through releasing yourself from the chains of self-sabotage and materialism in July. The Devil represents the hidden energies that push you to believe you’re chained to external forces that are out of your control. What you’ll learn this month, is that it is your own inner forces that create these illusions. Your New Moon energy comes as the Five of Swords. Welcome in the possibilities of change and fresh perspectives under the Moon. Mental conflict and tension may have you blind to the ways your mind and actions are working against you. Seek clarity with your intentions, to help release the unhealthy bonds you’ve created out of fear and feelings of defeat. Your Full Moon energy is represented by The Hierophant. This is an energy of restriction and conformity. For you Pisces, I feel a strong part of the internal conflict you’ve been faced with, lie in you going against your Piscean nature. Maybe you’ve been trying to flow in the way’s of your environment, and it hasn’t fed into you the way you desire. With your Full Moon intentions, focus on releasing the need to conform. You are a fluid energy, and must give yourself space to fit into a mold conducive to your dreamy nature.



Justice|The Hermit|The Wheel of Fortune: July for you Aries, will be focused on cause and effect with the Justice card. There will be a focus on how your actions, both past and present, have attributed to your current energy and circumstances. You may find that you spend this month in search of the truth; both from yourself and those closest to you. The Hermit is your New Moon energy. Under the New Moon, allow yourself to do some deep soul-searching. Tapping into your inner guidance under the Moon, will help to assist in any pursuits for truth you find yourself in. You must find your own light in July, shine it on your soul and create your own special path. Through meditation and visualisation, the Hermit allows you to get in touch with the wise person inherent within you. For the Full Moon, you have the influence of The Wheel of Fortune. You’ll have the opportunity to release any resistance to the way the wheel is turning. Change is necessary for growth. Remember that your influence this month is Justice. Both cards carry an energy of “what goes around, comes around”. Open yourself to these changes under the Full Moon. When you are being pushed in a new direction, know that every path leads somewhere, even if you do not know where it is.



The Moon|Fortitude|Knight of Swords: The Moon comes to illuminate all illusions and new paths available to you this month Taurus. This card represents your shadow self, and the shadow self of others. “Shadow” isn’t to be looked at in a negative light. Diving into your subconscious, can reveal to you the blocks and personality disturbances that are currently creating fear and anxiety. Allow the Moon’s energy to guide you through the month of July, and assist you with flowing back onto your true path. With the New Moon, you’ll be flowing with Fortitude(Strength). Set your intentions to bring in courage, patience, and most importantly, compassion. Meditate on silencing the inner voice of criticism and denial. Your Full Moon influence, is represented by the Knight of Swords. As the Knight of Swords flows toward his goals, he tends to flow with a “one track mind”. Use the energy of the Full Moon, to release the blinders you have when it comes to how your path is “supposed” to flow. Know that any changes or detours, are not denials. Let go of the fear that comes with the possibility of your life unfolding outside of the design you’ve created.



Eight of Pentacles|Two of Swords|Six of Cups: July for Gemini, flows with the energy of the Eight of Pentacles. This month, you will see yourself working away at your goals. With the Eight of Pentacles as your theme, you’ll be feeling more dedicated to your work, and willing to apply your efforts to whatever is currently at the centre of your attention. Dedication, focus, and patience are major keys. As you remain true to your beliefs and values, you’ll begin to see that your true luck comes from a hard-working attitude. Your New Moon is influenced by the Two of Swords. This card points to indecision. With your Moon energy, focus on welcoming in choosing a path or direction of focus. Choices will need to be made this month, and you’ll need to be able to make them with confidence. Take a break from your usual way of thinking, and welcome in new perspectives and alternative ideas. Under the Full Moon, you’ll be flowing with the Six of Cups. As a Full Moon card, this could represent lingering feelings from the past, or being unrealistic about the options available to you. Use this Full Moon to release the idea that your future will be a reflection of what has happened in the past. Leave those experiences where they are. You may also want to take this Moon, to let go of any feelings of where you felt you should have been at this time in your life. As you change, so do your goals and desires. Embrace who you are in the present moment, and the new opportunities you’re creating for yourself.

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  1. So much energy! Give thanks for your energy and time! Virgo-Sun. Leo-Moon. And boy has the month of July done me in on so many beautiful levels of fuck you, you gotta learn! HAHA
    Cant wait for August insight! Give thanks! And much love!!!

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