Past Life Karma Reading 12/2/17






#SaturnDay #Karma Spread w/ KaiyoteMoon
Happy Saturn day Divine. Here is your #Saturday #Karma Spread for 12.2.2017:
1)Karma that still needs to be worked out: Wisdom– there is untapped Wisdom that lies dormant within your subconscious mind. This knowledge comes from the past lifetime(s) you have already experienced. Now is the time for the wisdom within to surface. No more acting as if you do not know how to maneuver through the path you are currently on. Spend time in meditation or speaking with your higher self + guides to tap into the knowing that exists within you. If you have not done so before, get yourself a past life regression, or surf the interweb for guided past life regressions.
2)Most Important Lessons in this Life: Trust + Faith– In this lifetime, your biggest test is to trust and have faith in your power and the powers that be. When you find it hard to put for the energy of trust, try using affirmations such as “I trust that everything is working out for me”. This card also indicates a heightened awareness of energy you should not trust. Use you intuition to guide you in the right direction of your path, and the energy you keep close to you.
3)Past Life Lessons Learned: Spouse– This card is an indicator that you have reunited with someone with whom you shared a romance or relationship before. If you’re single, your future spouse is likely someone from your past lifetime(s). The union you share, is that of a “soul mate” union. You two have traveled across centuries to reignite the bond you once shared. Coming back together, has helped you close and heal a karmic lesson to be learned in this lifetime. It could be that you’ve successfully maneuvered through the lessons of past relationships, to align yourself with your soul mate.
4)Lessons yet to be learned: Phobias– Anxieties and underlying fears from past lifetime(s) are still affecting you in this lifetime, and your angels are guiding you to connect the dots between the two. These fears are energy blocks, which are slowing or prohibiting the results you desire. Phobias come from the desire to have complete control over situations where you have none. Your higher-self and source know the origin of the fears. Meditate or do dream work, so that you can confront these fears and help release the hold they have on you subconscious.
5)Helpful Influence: Love Life– The person you are currently in a relationship with( or soon to be), plays a prominent role in your past/present lifetime. They may not necessarily have been a romantic partner at that time, but your pull to connect romantically in this lifetime is a part of a greater plan. This union is propelling you towards clearing away lingering karma, and also ushering in the karma that is making it’s way to you. Remember, karma is neither good nor bad. It is energy brought forth to match the energy you have put out.
6)Things to avoid: Atlantis– One of your past lifetimes may have been spent in Atlantis. I feel this card is associated with your Phobia lesson that needs to be learned. You and your current lover may have spent a lifetime together in the city of Atlantis, and it’s tragic end may have caused phobias about the sea as a result. You may have a love of the sea, but fear going swimming or boating. You could also recall how the Atlanteans were peace-loving with the exception of those souls who misused their crystal power to the detriment of all. So you may be sensitive to issues relating to political corruption in this lifetime. I feel this could be associated with the city of Atlanta, or locations close to water. You and your lover could have crossed paths in Atlanta(or near water). Now that you have met, it may be time to relocate, as the cards say to avoid reliving this experience over again. You two may be powerful leaders of peace against the system, but need to take your movement elsewhere.

**the card at the bottom of the deck is Medicine Man/Woman. You have significant knowledge that is guiding you along your path to becoming a Medicine Man/woman in this lifetime. A past life regression and dream work will help you to access the information that lies within.
To schedule your Past Life Karma reading, visit http://www.spreesy.com/kaiyotemoon

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