11.24.17 Divine Love Reading



Happy Venus Day Divine Souls! Today’s Love Energy reading may find you contemplating seeking some sort of counseling or outside help for the sake of your healing or relationship.
At the center of the reading, we have the Strength card. Things may be a little rocky right now coming out of Scorpio season. Some of the behaviors and shadow that surfaced during the immense amount of Scoprion energy, may not have been the prettiest. Scorpio shadow energy can be insecure, overly emotional, jealous, and possessive. The message in the center of the reading, says that it is time now for both parties to be strong. The Divine Feminine is stepping up to soothe the fears and beasts of the Divine Masculine energy. On the Right(8 of Pentacles), you have one side of the relationship working hard on their healing. Growth takes time and persistence. Change doesn’t happen over night, and once healing begins, it takes dedication to not just silence your demons, but love them into the light. The Knight of Cups(R) shows some obsessive and jealous behaviors surfacing. Maybe even some serious mood swings. It is easy to love someone when the energy is easy peasy, lemon squeezy, but the real test is loving them through those dark moments. I feel this person is willing to change and grow, but may not be used to a love that is willing to work with them through their shadow. There is a desire to be free from these behaviors, and an acceptance to work through the inner fears and anxieties.
On the Left(Page of Pentacles), you see an individual who either see’s the potential the relationship and their love possesses, or is being naive about the severity of what’s going on. You may see the opportunity for real growth and solid foundations to be present, but the weight of your lover’s healing may feel like a burden. If you’re taking all of the healing on yourself, step back. Martyrdom and victimization benefit no one. You have healing to do of your own, which you are aware of. You can’t do all the work for both parties. Take a step away and assess how you may be taking away from your own healing, and also enabling the behaviors of your partner. Don’t be afraid to ask for a break. Sometime’s the healthiest option for both parties, is to just take a break.
The Outcome is the 9 of Cups. This card represents wish fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction. I feel this could also represent you( or both parties) getting some type of outside help or counseling to assist the healing that needs to be done. Ultimately it will lead to happiness and comfort within yourself, or the relationship if it persists.
I hope this reading resonates divine.
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