Wander Never Wonder

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid
-Audre Lorde

Yesterday while talking to my brother, he says to me “Sis, I just want to say I’m proud of you. All of these changes are happening around you, and you’re good because you know you’re always going to be taken care of”. As I smiled, I did a mini check in to make sure what I was hearing was true. More and more, I have sweet souls coming to me to express how brave and strong I feel I am. Each time, I do the same mini check in to make sure they’re talking about the right person. Before 2017, I found myself in many situations that asked for me to be brave, and instead I ran for cover. Any opportunity that was given to me to stand in my true form, I made an excuse to turn away. There was always a lingering fear, that I would not only let others down, but that i’d let myself down too.

2017 gave me Kai, and also gave me KaiyoteMoon. 2017 gave me my two reasons to fight. And sheesh have I been fighting. I have a vision for myself that is so brilliant and expansive, that the thought of turning away from it, brings tears to my eyes. I want my greatness with every inch of this being. So much, that I don’t often stop to consider if i’m afraid. My support system hypes me up. The Universe continues to bless me. I am clearly doing multiple things right. So why be afraid?

When you have so much genuine love radiating within and around you, it’s easy to view change + shift as a gift and path that will lead to what you desire. With a deep belly breath in + out, I begin to embark on a brand new journey that promises to bring me a grand shift beyond my wildest dreams. 

Daring to Wander, and never wonder,

Kai Luna

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1 thought on “Wander Never Wonder”

  1. You are a strong and resilient soul! Thank you for sharing your energy and story with us on being rave and definitely remembering to check in. It is helpful and you become self aware of yourself by doing so. Keep up the good work Kai Luna! I’m proud of you.


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