Through the Looking Glass

“Through the Looking-Glass, nothing is what it seems”.

-Lewis Carroll “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There”

Is it just me, or does the energy of the Libra Sun + Jupiter in Scorpio have us feeling gooey and squishy? Finally, the Wheel of Fortune is turning in our favor! There is an abundance of love energy radiating within and around us. Lessons we began learning prior to this month are being accounted for. We feel as if the Universe is finally understanding what it is that we desire. We are right to a degree. Let us not forget that, like the scales of Libra, there must be balance. So, as we realize Fortune flows in our direction, we must also understand that we now know better! Let us give gratitude to the lovely Saturn + Lilith in Sagittarius energy, and their red hot flames influencing all that we know to be true about ourselves, our intimate relationships, and life itself. Let’s look at the dates for each influence:

Libra Sun(September 23, 2017-October 22, 2017)– balance, fairness, justice, love, beauty, art, harmony, + peace

Jupiter in Scorpio(October 10, 2017-November 8, 2018)– expansion, abundance, depth, emotional awareness + expression, an interest in the taboo/occult, intimacy, moderation, illumination of the shadow

Lilith joins Saturn in Sagittarius(February 13, 2017-November 8/9, 2017) *Saturn stays in Sagittarius until December 23, 2017*- finding the dark, ugly truths of relationships, establishments, and situations, looking for hidden motives, personal values/motives, alignment, comfort, security, justice, and balance. 

Left to Right: Libra Sun- 3 of Pentacles, Jupiter in Scorpio-5 of Cups, Saturn/Lilith in Sagittarius-Death *Rider-Waite Tarot Deck*

The Libra Sun this month, will ask us to evaluate the level of trust we have in our environments and support systems. How willing are you to be vulnerable, and ask for help when you need it? Even when you don’t need it? The 3 of Pentacles shows new energy entering your realms. This could be Earth sign energy friends, family, acquaintances (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn Sun/Moon/Rising). Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, beauty, harmony, art, and sophistication. Maybe this month brought you a new perspective of love involving an Earth sign. Pentacles also represents material possessions, wealth, and foundations. Some of you may have seen an increase in your finances and opportunities coming your way to create the life you want. It could also mean that you have built a closer relationship to Earth herself. Finding yourself in a new location, that allows you to commune with Gaia and surround yourself with natural beauty, could have been your major move for Libra season. The 3 of Pentacles shows your elevation and growth, and attainment of your goals. Libra season brought you many opportunities for growth in your business, creative ventures, and projects, probably with the assistance of your community, tribe, and Spiritual support system. You end the month with an overall sense of peace, harmony, and stronger foundations. 

Jupiter in Scorpio will see us diving deeper into the connections we have been building, both with ourselves + loved ones, but also within our Spiritual practices. Resting in Scorpio until November 8, 2018, Jupiter in Scorpio will bring about a journey of true intimacy in both the conscious and subconscious realms. The time for superficial understandings and connections, is no more. 5 of Cups represent difficulties, loss, and how we deal with the losses. Coming out of its year in Libra(which had us following blindly behind our hurts and fears), Jupiter offers us the chance to walk away from our past and learn from our mistakes. Pay close attention to new developments in your realm, going back to October 10, 2017. What shifts happened then, and how are they unfolding now? Be aware of the cosmic conversations you are having, as they point to how this year in Scorpio will influence you emotionally. The 5 of Cups, shows you grieving and mourning over what/whom you have lost, and what has/has not gone the way you desire. If you are feeling like the year has flown by, realize that there are still two cups(and two months) left in this year. You still have time to go for what it is you desire. Use the next two months to set the tone for your next year of Jupiter in Scorpio. Allow yourself to dive deeper into your emotional/intimate connections with self, Spirit, and loved ones. Allow what’s in the shadow to come to light. 

Lilith/Saturn in Sagittarius brings us to our looking-glass. Lilith joined Saturn, February 13, 2017, and will be there until November 8/9, 2017. Saturn (ruled by Cronos “Father Time”), is the planet of time,  restrictions + limitations. Its influence, brings structure and meaning to our existence. Saturn also reveals our fears and sense of responsibility. Basically, Saturn is that strict teacher you grow up to appreciate in hindsight. Lilith is what lurks in the depths of shadow. She snatches the Rose-Tinted glasses off the brim of your nose, and holds your eyes open to all that is truly happening around you. Both in Sagittarius, the truth-seeker, asks us to define what/who is truly important to us. What do we genuinely believe in? This alignment forces us to face what is real, and what is superficial.  DEATH comes in to clear away energy + ideals that no longer serves you. When DEATH appears in your reading, it is a sign to surrender to the will of the Divine. What is being removed, is for your highest and greatest good. With Lilith/Saturn in Sagittarius, you may have witnessed yourself and those around you in the ugliest light. Everything around you, may have started to feel like an alternate universe. Oh was it necessary! Look at where you are now toward the end of this transit. With death, comes transition and transformation. With endings, come new beginnings. As much as you’ve had to hold on tight to your resilience and strength since February(and trust me, I am aware energy was fleeting), the power you are now hip to is proving to be well worth the snatchings. Foundations can now be laid, as Saturn transitions to its ruling planet Capricorn on December 23, 2017, and we establish our place and status in the World. 


From the Left: Sun in Libra “Remain Positive”, Jupiter in Scorpio “Success!”, Lilith/Saturn in Sagittarius “Take Action” *Angel Answers Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue + Radleigh Valentine

Wrap-up lessons:

Sun in Libra: Remain Positive– the scales have began to balance themselves, and justice is being served. peace, love, and harmony can now be more easily manifested in your life. remain positive. see the beauty within and around you. 

Jupiter in Scorpio(10/10/17-11/8/18): Success!– this next year with Scorpio in the planet of expansion, abundance, and good fortune, will prove to breathe success into our desires. dive deep into what you truly want, and allow it to unfold in a way that is most true to you. 

Lilith/Saturn in Sagittarius(2/13/17-11/9/17+12/23/17): Take Action– Although this transit is coming to an end, still make an effort to take action and go for what you want. If you are over how life has been flowing for you, use the Sagittarian energy to solve it. Seek the truth in your environment and connections. 

*peep the link below for my live Facebook video explanation of these aspects for a more clarity on what these planetary alignments mean for you*

https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2F100016063682127%2Fvideos%2F193927597819362%2F&show_text=0&width=267” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Cosmic Chat + Tarot: Sun in Libra, Jupiter in Scorpio, Lilith/Saturn in Sagittarius.

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