October is here!!!!!!! Time for cozy socks, hoodies, all things burgundy, and bonfires with the tribe! October always brings with it an energy of excitement and wonder.  We are attuning to our inner Hocus Pocus, as magic fills the air and promises us thirty-one days of cinnamon and pumpkin flavored everything. This is still our time of harvest, dear souls. With a Full Moon in Aries on October 5, and a New Moon in Libra on October 19, the cool breeze of this month is sure to blow in some fiery opportunties for us to harvest new energies of love, harmony, beauty, growth, and spontaneity. 

Find your Sun sign for your general guidance for the month. If you know your Moon/Rising, read those as well. 



Fives in tarot typically represent a time of conflict and change in your life. This is no different for the Five of Wands, which represent a period of conflict, competition, and tense energy interfering with your ability to move forward with your goals, dear Libra. Everyone may have something to say when it comes to the moves you desire to make this month. It might not all be welcomed energy, and the extra input could have you torn or on edge, questioning if the direction you are headed in is the right path for you. This month will bring you many opportunities to practice your ability to be discrete and discerning. The 5 of Wands represents a difference of backgrounds and experiences. The conflict created around your desires, could result from a difference in perspectives due to a different upbringing of the parties involved. It is your job to be sure all involved are on the same page, in order to ensure the path ahead is clear of any obstructions. Be sure this month, that any internal conflict is given the attention needed so that you may push ahead confidently.  6 of Wands is a card of success, recognition, and victory. This is a sign to believe in who you are, and to celebrate your accomplishments thus far. In true Libra form, the energies of your month find balance as you push forward and remain confident in your ability to create success all around you. You have worked hard to perfect your craft and talents, so be sure to not feed into your fears. Ruled by the planet of love and beauty, this is your time to breath life and love into your dreams. This is your time to shine and come out, Libra. Don your best literal and figurative attire, and show the World what you’re made of.

AFFIRM: I have all I need to be successful. Every day is my day to shine!

b670dd27509ff20493d196e941baac8cSCORPIO: PAGE OF PENTACLES + ACE OF PENTACLES

Hello dear Scorpio! The Page of Pentacles shows you growing into your purpose. Pages often symbolize a youthful and immature energy. In the suit of pentacles, however, this shows you coming to terms with the ways of the real world, and stepping into a more mature and practical approach to life. Pentacles represent the material plane of existence. October will usher in a shift in how you handle your finances, material wealth, and businesses. The World around you appears to be brand new, as your perspective expands, and brings you to a new awareness that the knowledge you possess is to be used for something greater than yourself. Scorpio’s tend to be very choosy when it comes to their finances. In no way are they cheap or stingy, but they prefer to spend their money wisely and only on what they know they need. This month, Scorpio, you will begin to understand how to best use your money as a tool to elevate you to new levels in the here and now. Ace of Pentacles is an offer of abundance and the ability to see things for what they really are. What you must understand, is that this opportunity must be accepted and worked for. Nothing will just fall into your lap. October will bring you a much needed reality check with the influence of the Ace of Pentacles. Financial abundance and prosperity are prevalent in your month ahead. Use this energy to operate by the Law of Attraction, and send out all the positive energy you can to receive the abundance you desire. You are moving into a much more positive state of mind of what you are able to achieve.

AFFIRM: Money + spirituality can co-exist. I am at peace with having large sums of money.

b07c521637a26e2dfee010ba46b01747SAGITTARIUS: WHEEL OF FORTUNE + STRENGTH

When the Wheel of Fortune appears in your life, it may feel as if your path is being guided by destiny. A major turn of events is rolling your way this month, which could alter your reality, and reveal to you your true purpose in this lifetime. The Wheel of Fortune is a turn of fate. Depending on how life has been flowing for you, when the Wheel turns, life will flow in the oppositie direction. Expect to see major changes all around you in October. You may be surprised at how much is revealed to you, and how fast it appears on your journey. Symbolic of the planet Jupiter, this card ushers in energies of expansion, growth, success and opportunity. The Wheel of Fortune beckons you to stand up and take charge of your life. Do not simply stand by and watch to see which way the wheel turns. Strength appears in your reading this month, to remind you to stand tall and remain strong. As the winds of change blow your way in October, energies may get a little rocky. Have courage and compassion as you grow through your shift. Sagittarius’ naturally seek answers to the meanings of all that flows their way. You may not always have the answers, dear Sadge, and you should not let this deter you or weigh heavy on your heart. There is a great deal of opportunity to learn true patience with yourself and others as the will spins, and brings you to your new beginning.

AFFIRM: The Universe is conspiring to help me succeed. I am exactly where I need to be.



Strength comes in this month, Capricorn, to remind you that compassion and courage are needed to assist you on your journey. As the most determined sign of the zodiac, it is easy for you to beat yourself up if life seems to not flow the way you desire. Compassion may not come easy, but know that it feels better than being down on yourself. Calm the parts of you that say you’re not doing enough, or that you are not doing it right. As much as you are a reflection of the divine, you are still human. Strength reminds you that emotions must be transcended if spiritual wisdom and intuition are to be awakened. You are strong, and have the heart necessary to push through anything that may be bothering you. Ace of Cups offers you an opportunity to connect deeper with your emotions and intuition. If you are having a hard time this month accepting the love and compassion you deserve, the Ace of Cups steps in to make it easier to allow. Look for the ways in which you can connect deeper with yourself and others. This is an opportunity to experience new love or of giving + receiving unconditional love. The door to emotional + spiritual fulfillment is here this month. Cups represent creative expression, particularly associated with your emotions. Tap into the ways you can use your emotions in your creative endeavors. October offers you many chances to dive deep into your workings. Remember that the more you give this month, the more you can receive.

AFFIRM: I accept myself unconditionally. I am open to give and receive unconditional love.

5f28d5fe20e162bc6f353e8a896646fdAQUARIUS: 6 OF CUPS + THE CHARIOT

6 of Cups brings an energy of nostalgia, and looking back on how things used to be; often related to your childhood. We tend to look back on our past when we are in the midst of frequent changes. The 6 of cups takes you back to past memories of fun, happiness, and joy, to help you better cope with the recent shifts along your journey. Although you may be reflecting on happy times, it is important that you choose to remain here in the present. Nostalgia can easily become a tool for escapism, and a way out of dealing with present feelings and changes that call for your undivided attention. Step out of the daydream Aquarius. Use what you have learned from the past to aid you in making the way forward more clear. The 6 of Cups also represents inner child energy, and the presence of children. Doing inner child work, can usher in major emotional healing. So can being around children. Children have beautiful perspectives on life and love. Surround yourself with child-like energy this month to help your healing. The Chariot symbolizes your spiritual evolution, and leaving behind what you know in pursuit of spiritual matters. As you grow in your Spiritual purpose, you begin to understand that certain ideals and ways of life no longer fit you. You are ready to break away. This is a time for you to access your will power and courage. You must be determined, self-driven, and motivated to keep pushing forward in your pursuit of all you desire. For some, this could point to travel in the form of a road trip, or going cross country.

AFFIRM: I am a person of great inner strength and determination. My wounds are now healed, and I look forward to a rich and fulfilling life.

738e2d0f500b5701138c1538d9e68ae6PISCES: 5 OF PENTACLES + 10 OF SWORDS

5 of pentacles points to you walking away from a period of financial losses and hardships this month. Some of you may have experienced a long period of monetary instablility, unemployment, and maybe even homelessness. This could be due to a poor relationship with, and understanding of monetary wealth and possessions. When the 5 of pentacles appears in your reading, your guides are reminding you that wealth holds no true value if you have lost sight of your Spiritual development. Revisit your driving force this month, Pisces. What is motivating you to be successful? Are you pushing yourself only to achieve wealth and fame? October is the month for you to develop a healthier relationship with money. Your worth is not determined by your wealth. 10 of swords symbolizes a new and brighter dawn on the horizon. As the Libra scales begin to bring balance back into your life, you will see new opportunities presented to you to redeem yourself. The 10 of swords says “as you have reached bottom, there is nowhere to go but up”. Your blessing in disguise arrives this month. Swords are air sign energy, so be on the lookout for assistance from the Air sign energies in your life, or conversations and ideas that present you with new amazing new opportunities. Use the powerful positive energy within you to draw insight from your defeat.

AFFIRM: I have a healthy relationship with my finances. I am filled with endless possibilities.


47f175bdcfab1bc0f9a32bd31e40f7aaARIES: THE HANGED MAN + THE TOWER

The Hanged Man indicates a period of suspension and waiting for you this month Aries. When this card appears on your path, your guides are telling you that it may be best to wait on any decision making you wish to do. Sometimes not acting on your usual impulses, will allow time for more light to be shed on the options available to you. Yes Aries, I know you do not like to wait. This month, however, waiting will prove to work in your favor. The Hanged Man could also indicate feelings of being stuck and restricted in an area of your life. October will bring you the chance to find a release, and an opportunity to get away from this stagnant energy. You must first allow yourself to relenquish control, and to be vulnerable in order to see the situation from a new perspective. The Tower comes in to create the new perspective for you. When The Tower appears, it brings about a sudden change or revelation along your journey. You will be asked to take a closer look at the foundations you have built your life on. Before you make any impulsive decisions, ask yourself if the ground your desires are built on, is solid and strong enough to hold what you will to bring in. These structures in your life could also represent you, and the defences you have established as you flow through this journey. In what ways are your defences aiding or defeating  you? Keep in mind that with any destruction comes creation. You will be given the opportunity to reset and rebuild a better you, and a better foundation upon which your journey will continue. Embrace the opportunity to accept change, and move forward into a more positive state of mind.

AFFIRM: I accept change as a positive force in my life. I remain flexible and open.

7cb426522fb0fb98b538829690a0f104TAURUS: PAGE OF CUPS + 5 OF WANDS

This is the month to make sure you are going for your dreams, and listening to your intuition Taurus. The Page of Cups is a card that represents new opportunities for creative projects and ventures to begin. You may be feeling more in tune with your artistic side, and have a strong desire to express yourself through art, drama, music, and dance. Use the creative boost you feel, to propel yourself towards fulfilling your dreams and desires. October’s energy will allow you to feel more comfortable with expressing yourself, not only through your art, but verbally as well. Be open to what inspires you to release and create. Page of Cups also indicates heightened intuition. What does your gut tell you to do? Where is it telling you to go? With your heightened abilities, now is the time to trust that you are being led in the right direction. Embrace the child-like energy this card presents to you, and the possibility of positive messages this month. 5 of Wands is an indication of potential conflict, disagreements, and change. As your creativity and emotions flourish with the Page of Cups, be aware that some parts of you may not be so willing to go with the flow. Resistance is natural when the winds of change flow your way. Allow room to express the resistance you feel. Use the energy as fuel to put into your creative pursuits. Create a positive environment, where your creativity and emotions can poor out uninterrupted and free of judgement. 5 of Wands can also indicate conflicting energies around you. This could be friends, family, or new energy. Protect your vibrations dear Taurus. Use your keen and heightened intuition to feel out what battles are worth fighting, and when to let other energies flow.

AFFIRM: My life is constantly being made new. My mind is at peace with itself.



October calls for you to focus on the facts, Gemini. This month, you are asked to use your astute mental clarity, to weed out what is fact and what is fiction. What is necessary, and what can you do without? The King of Swords represents an individual whose ability to remain detached and objective in a situation, allows them to be successful in achieving their desired outcome. Allowing yourself to step back and look at the bigger picture, will prove to be more beneficial for you in October. Ruled by the planet Mercury, it is natural for you to move full speed ahead with making assumptions and decisions, without having all of the necessary keys to do so. Slow down. King of Swords indicates for you to use the knowledge you have accessible, to help you see what you may be missing. Now is not the time to lead with your emotions. Remain as objective and rational as possible. Use your logic to make the most fair and insightful decisions this month. 10 of Pentacles indicates accomplishment and completion on your journey. This card heralds a sense of accomplishment due to financial successes, increased stability in your life, your career taking off, and possibly a committed long-term relationship. Overall, it means that things are coming together in a wonderful way for you at this time, and you will feel very successful and proud of all you have achieved. 10 of Pentacles reminds you just how important family, tribe, and setting yourself up for long-term success are. Focus your energies on building a stable and secure foundation now, so that you and your tribe are able to relax and kick your feet up in the future. Money troubles diminish with the appearance of this card, as it brings a message of material wealth, abundance, and a lasting foundation for success.

AFFIRM: I take time to think things through. I have the power to create all the successes and prosperity I desire. 



















This your month to GO FOR IT, Cancer!!! The Ace of Wands comes at a time when you are feeling inspired and passionate, and ready to pursue what fulfills you creatively. Follow this energy throughout October. Allow it to motivate you when beginning any new projects or ventures. Listen to your gut. If you have a sudden spark of inspiration, explore what possibilities can come from bringing your idea to life. Ace of Wands brings you to a breakthrough. This is your “Aha!” moment. There is great potential around you to create success, as you are driven by a helpful creative force. Make use of this period of divine inspiration. Remember that you are planting seeds that will grow and flourish into dreams much bigger than you can foresee. The Star illuminates your already glowing energy. This card represents personal transformation, hope, and inspiration. As you flow through the creative energy that buzzes around you, know that you are entering a period of love + admiration for the life you are able to create. You are presented with new perspectives, renewed self esteem, and a deeper trust in yourself. You will find that, as your light glows brighter, your heart and generous nature expands. Give as you receive along your journey. The Star brings you out of a period of opposition and setbacks, and into a life of new and glorious opportunities.

AFFIRM: I am one with my creative spark. All is working in my favor. 



The Queen of Wands represents confidence, charisma, and the ability to get what you desire while still being friendly and optimistic. You are in your element this month, Leo. Your natural ability to be in the spotlight and to be social, is heightened with the energy flowing through October. You may find yourself presented with more opportunities to flourish, using your innate creative and fiery charm. The Queen of Wands is a natural-born leader, a visionary, and has the ability to inspire those who have the pleasure of knowing her. This month, you are able to spark movement and change. You are able to show others that you can do anything you put your mind to. Be cautious to not get too caught up in this spirited and passionate energy. Flying too close to the sun can leave you burned out, and too stubborn to see where you may need to pull back. You do not have to prove that you are invincible. Ace of Wands indicates that this month is the time for you to go after your dreams. You have the right momentum and energy behind you to create everything you desire. Use this driving force to follow on any gut instincts that may come up. If you have a sudden spark of genius, it is best you follow it through. Ace of Wands brings you power and inspiration on your journey. Use your natural awareness of the limelight to make connections that will help you expand on the creative genius you posses. Work hard to build the fire that has been lit inside of you.

AFFIRM: Like the fire that glows within me, I can use my light to illuminate the path that leads to  all that I desire. 


Death comes in Virgo, to help you clear away what no longer serves you. As the seasons  change in nature, so too must the seasons change within our journey. Surrender to the energies that have fallen out of alignment with your Spirit this month. Do your best to accept the changes that wish to appear in your life. With death, comes room for new energies. With death, comes transformation. You will be asked to flow with the cycles of release and regeneration in October, and to relinquish your need to control what transpires around you. As you shift to a new phase in your life, embrace the clearing away of stagnant energy that is leading to a more satisfying experience of your reality. When Death appears in your reading, you should expect many changes to occur, that will bring you to the doorway of a new direction. Say good-bye to unhealthy attachments, baggage, outdated and outworn ideas. The Knight of Wands heralds a time where your confidence levels are high, and you are ready to take on the world with your new perspective. This is “Act first, think later” energy. Use your natural ability to analyze a situation, to avoid moving too quickly into new territory. Approach your passions with excitement, and enthusiasm, but use your grounding energy to implement them in a practical and well thought out manner. Knight of Wands is a reminder to channel your ambitions in the right way. This card often indicates a sudden change of residence, job, or an event that comes into your life unexpectedly. Be ready to go with the flow, as resisting the change will proved to be pointless.

AFFIRM: I am attuned to the cycles of release and regeneration. I accept change with ease. 

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