Hello September!!! My how fast you’ve come!! We are now in our season of harvest. With what feels like back to back astrological snatchings of edges, lashes, eyebrows, and souls, this year has been a never ending rabbit hole of getting our SHIFT together. The Universe did NOT come to play with us heauxs! September’s vibes are here for us to begin to reap what we have sewn. Whether your seeds have been conscious or subconscious, be present and aware that what is happening in your life at this time, could be a result of every seed you’ve planted.

September’s Vibes are intended for your Sun/Moon/Rising.


The Magician is a being who utilizes all the powers that be to manifest all that he/she desires. Whether mental, spiritual, physical, or emotional, The Magician has the ability to make it happen. Present with the 7 of Swords, The Magician represents your desire to have + create more possibly at the expense of others feelings and time. 7 of Swords is a card of betrayal + deception. Be cautious of how you are using your magic and influence. You could find yourself stepping on the toes and feelings of those closest to you, in your pursuit to have more. You may also be stepping on your own toes. What you’re portraying to yourself and those around you, may not reflect what lies beneath. This month calls for you to stand in your WHOLE truth, and not the truth of those around you. Vanity comes in for Virgo to ask “Am I living an illusion”? Within your current environment, there may be tension, an imbalance of power, or empty/strained connections. Are you growing away from the limiting relationships you are tied to? Are you feeling disconnected from the life you’re currently living? Your goal this month is to find the disconnect in your power. Find your way out of the false reality you have created. Avoid taking what seems like the easy way out, or abusing the powers you’ve been given to manipulate the situation even further. Decide now, that enough is enough.


Energetic, passionate, lustful, and ready for action, the Knight of Wands rides in ready to “Act First, and Think Later”. This energy suggests that you are ready to put your ideas into action, and your confidence levels will rapidly increase as you feel ready to take on the world with your vision. Aligned with the Star card, you have a renewed sense of faith and trust that the Universe is shining down on you at this time. After all of the changes that have been thrown your way this year, you are now ready to heal, and allow yourself to be open to your transformation. There is a deeper spiritual journey that you are going through which is all about bringing greater meaning and purpose into your life and renewing your inner energy. You hope your future will be better than your past. The Forgiveness card comes in to aid you in your healing. It is now time to forgive yourself for the decisions you’ve made in the past, and time to forgive those who have hurt you along the way. Forgiveness starts with self. Take time this month to forgive yourself for loving those who have hurt you, for dreams that may have gone unfulfilled, and any past wounds the Star card is illuminating for healing.


Eight of Cups comes in this month, Scorpio, to say it’s time to walk away. Cups represent emotions and intuition, and our ability to handle what flows our way. When the Eight of Cups is in your reading, you are ready to go and seek what you know is missing. There is no more lingering on the “what if’s”. Your path is being illuminated by the Star card. There is new hope and inspiration waiting for you, but you must first take the step to disconnect from what is no longer serving you at this time. Honor who you truly are, rather than following the lead and emotions of those who wish to remain attached to your energy. The Release card comes in to remind you of your personal responsibility to self. Let go of blame. Now is the time to clear away all unnecessary thoughts and behaviors, so that you can move on. Moving forward is not possible if you’re continuing to hide from your true feelings. Allow the Star to illuminate the path ahead, and walk forward into the transformation awaiting you.


Page of Wands is a free and energetic Spirit, that represents change and new beginnings. He has a true passion and admiration for life, despite only being in the middle of his journey. The Page of Wands comes in this month to inspire a change in you perspective, and a change in direction. Now is the time to express yourself. This month calls for you to be bold + confident in expressing your ideas and true self. As you reveal and revel in the new you, be aware that new attention will flow your way. Seven of Wands is a card of challenge, competition, and perseverance. Ignore the haters and nay sayers. The Seven of Wands is about holding your ground, despite any challenges to your Spirit and identity. Stand firm in your truth. This will take courage and persistence but you have the strength and determination to do it. Façade represents living as you truly are. This is your month to reclaim your energy and integrate all that you have learned about your true self this year. Stay away from being who you are not. This is YOUR journey.


Judgment comes in this month as a sign of rebirth and answering to your inner calling. Through meditation or quiet reflection, you may come to a point of deep innerstanding about the common themes throughout your life and what you can do or change to avoid these situations in the future. Judgement tells you that you are close to reaching a significant stage in your own journey. This is a call to awaken to new life. The Knight of Pentacles is conservative, methodical, and efficient. This month may call for you to be wiser and more efficient in your monetary dealings. Make sure you are creating plans for yourself, that are well thought out and detailed to create maximum success. The Rejection card represents being true to yourself, and caring about your own happiness. Rejection is Spirit’s protection. What is meant for you, won’t pass you. You are entering a phase where judgement from others does not hinder you. Take charge and continue to move forward along your journey.


9 OF CUPS is a card of emotional fulfillment. When the 9 of Cups appears in your reading, you are reveling in accomplishments that have led to your emotional satisfaction. You are pleased with how far you’ve come on your journey, and are ready to show the World all you’ve learned along the way. 9 of Cups is a card of happiness and satisfaction. When the 8 of Swords appears alongside the 9 of  Cups, there may be some underlying doubt behind your satisfied grin. Do you feel that you deserve all that you have around you? Are you worried that this feeling may be fleeting? This month calls for you to know that you are worthy of your emotional gains. Maybe you’ve entered a new relationship, and are worried that things aren’t as they appear. This relationship could also pertain to self. With Prayer in your reading this month, you are being reminded that you are always being guided. If there is still a part of your plan that’s “missing”, remember that there is always more waiting to be revealed.


9 of Cups comes in this month to bring you what you’ve wished for. This is a card of counting your blessings and being grateful for all that you have. The 9 of Cups signifies a time in your life, where you have made decisions that will bring you stability, security, and emotional satisfaction. With the Emporer alongside the 9 of Cups, it is time to take all that you have learned in the past, and use it to make wise and calculated decisions. The Emporer is the Patriarch of the community. His composed and “no nonsense” demeanor, makes him the go to for advice on strategies for success and forward movement. He is the embodiment of status, success, and recognition. It is time now to take the lessons you’ve learned on your journey of emotional fulfillment, and use them to RELEASE all that will not aide you as you move forward. The RELEASE card comes to help you stand in your responsibility to self, and release blame and doubt. There’s no more room for what lingers in the past. Move forward with confidence and self-assurance. 


7 of Pentacles is a card the represents waiting for your seeds to bloom. It’s harvest season, and you’re reading to reap what you’ve sewn. As you impatiently wait to see proof of your efforts, you may inadvertently be blocking the sunlight needed for them to grow. The 7 of Swords is about trusting the process and going with the flow. Time goes by faster when you’re not watching the seconds and minutes go by. Focus on what you can do to take your mind off of what’s to come, by putting energy into new projects or going to have some fun. With the 9 of Swords, you may be so focused on what’s to come that you’re stressing yourself out. Do your best this month to breathe, dear Aries. Let go of control. Understand that everything and everyone is not going to move as fast as you wish for them to. This month will teach you the true meaning of “Patience is a Virtue”. Victim appears in your reading to snap you out of your “nothing is going right” mental trap. What are you doing that could be blocking your break-through? Be willing to sit back and find some chill in order to see how the Universe is working FOR you, and not against you.


Things are finally coming full circle for you this month, Taurus. When The World cards appears in your reading, you are at the end of a cycle and in your final stages of completion. You are now stronger, wiser, and more confident in yourself than you may have been when this journey first began. The World brings celebration of your successes, and they are well earned. Now that you have come full circle, it is time to step into your higher calling. The Judgement card represents answering for what you have done in the past. The trumpets are sounding, and it is now time for you to step up and shine. The Judgement card is a symbol of rebirth, inner calling, and absolution. There is no going back to your old ways from here. Despondence, comes in as a reminder that stagnaton benefits no one. The only way to go from here is forward. As you flow through this month Taurus, ask yourself what areas in your life have grown stale. What do you need to do to keep the wheels spinning forward. Trust yourself, for change is on the horizon.


When The Sun appears in your reading, it is a sign of optimism, abundance, and blessings. The Sun brings warmth, illumination, and life to all it touches. Your energy this month is confident and vibrant. People are drawn to you, because of your warm, happy, and naturally optimistic energy. You are radiating who you are, and sharing love with those around you. This is a time when you feel enlightened, and can clearly see the path ahead of you. The Judgement card, sees you answering to your higher calling this month. You have had a recent epiphany, and realized a different direction is appropriate for who have grown to be. The Judgement card may also symbolise life changing decisions that lie ahead of you.  Bittersweet brings messages of inner strength. You are being guided to rise above circumstances and do what feels right. The person you are becoming is capable of more than you imagined. Look for hidden blessings flowing to you this month.


7 of Pentacles for you this month, represents waiting for the results of the efforts you’ve put forward. You’ve invested time and energy into your vision, and now you’re wondering when you’ll reap the rewards. Remember that if your hard work has not yet paid off, there may be more work that needs to be done. Do not allow yourself to get frustrated and give up, as the 7 of Pentacles is a sign of hard work paying off. Look for the lessons you’ve learned in your setbacks, and give thanks for all the was you’ve grown along the way. The Empress comes in to say it’s time to take care of self. You’ve put so much effort into nuturing your vision, that you have neglected to set aside time for love and fun. Allow yourself to create beauty in your life by spending time with your partner, going out on the town, or trying something new and exciting. The Empress also encourages you to spend more time out in nature. Make time for gardening, grounding outside with meditation, or buying yourself some new plants and flowers for the house.  Service asks us how can we make the most of our present situation? The energy of this card, is one of manifesting through being of service to others. If your desires have yet to manifest, ask if you’re really seeing things for what they are. Often we get so stuck on our desires manifesting as we plan them, and forget that Source may have a different plan for us. Giving up your set plan to be of service to others, may be just what you need to see your desires come to life.


5 of Wands represents a time of conflict, instability and change. This could be internal or with the energies around you. You know what you want, and rather than being met with open minds and hearts, you are met with challenges and opposition. The 5 of Wands could also represent positive debates in an environment that pushes you to want more from the ideas you’re bringing to life. As a Leo, you don’t see competition. A difference of opinions, is an opportunity for you to show your resilience. Avoid losing your cool this month. Know that change and conflict are inevitable, but there are opportunities for growth in both. The Four of Wands come in as a sign of harmony, celebration, and happy union. This month will see you with harmonious home environments, and brings forth good news. This card is a reminder that not everything comes to you easily, but when they do, remember to celebrate and give thanks. This is a card the symbolises moving from one stage to another; a stage of peace, love, and stability. With Creation in your reading, this is a sign of a new Dawn approaching. Make room for divine inspiration. Open yourself up to magic, and allow yourself to own your gifts. Awaken to the creativity you posses.


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